Friday, March 6, 2015

Little House On The Prairie S1 Ep2: A Harvest Of Friends

Yes, those were the days. Hard work. Responsibility (do you remember when hard work and responsibility were virtues?). Community support. Family. Friendship. Loyalty. Love. God. And Half Pint. Yes, there are a few lessons here to remember.
Sometimes I think, as great as connecting technology is, we've become incredibly disconnected. It's quite an irony. Sometimes it feels the simple, genuine things have been lost in a haze of technology that has indeed distracted a society from what matters most.
Enjoy these images from Little House On The Prairie, Season One, Episode 3, A Harvest Of Friends.


El Vox said...

I hear you, but at the same time I know the good old days weren't all that good (listen to some of your parent's stories). Really I'm pretty grateful to have grown up when I did though I'm a fan of watching historical series, and I'm a big western fan too.

As you age you'll be able to look back at some of the historical markers: first man on the moon landing, invention of personal computers, improvements in medicine, DVD technology, microwave oven, cell phones, etc. which have made living so much easier--though some of it comes with a down side.

SFF said...

I certainly don't suggest they were easy times. Hard work as I say. I'm speaking more generally of the ability for people to communicate face to face not through facebook.

"Those were the days" could refer to my enjoyment of growing up with these programs as a kid or life on the prairie but I can tell you I would want no part of the hard living of that era. Those were indeed hard times.

And today it's certainly a wonderful time to grow up with all that we have at our disposal.

Comforts have indeed made things a lot easier ... and, of course, many a lot lazier.