Friday, June 30, 2017

The Eagle

The Eagle.
The Eagle, as Robert E. Wood noted in Destination: Moonbase Alpha The Unofficial And Unauthorized Guide To Space:1999, "is nothing less than an icon of science fiction spacecraft design." This spaceship, compared by its builder to the design of a grasshopper may rank among this writer's very favorites if not his favorite.
The Eagle was presented in the series in several forms for all but six episodes of Space:1999's two year run.
The Eagle's most popular or recognized form is the Passenger module.
There is also the Laboratory Pod (Guardian of Piri), the VIP pod (Breakaway), Cargo pod (Breakaway), Cargo pod with winch (Missing Link or Space Brain) and a Rescue pod (Earthbound or Collision Course).
So I implore you to savor each and every detail of this glorious FAB FRIDAY spaceship creation. One of the greatest.