Thursday, April 3, 2014

Star Trek: TNG S1 Ep20: Heart Of Glory (Supplemental)

Captain's Log supplemental.

I had originally written Heart Of Glory some time ago. It left such a strong impression I had considered skipping from Hide And Q (S1, Ep10), at the time, and jumping ahead, but then opted to remain true to my episode by episode dissections.

One of these days I suspect I will, as music act House Of Pain once penned, Jump Around. Star Trek: The Next Generation was painful in the early going. I had considered jumping ahead and being more selective. Heart Of Glory was my planned first choice to begin this approach and remains perhaps my favorite episode of the troubled first season.

But as I delved deeper into the ST:TNG universe I began falling in love with it as a science fiction and opted to stay the course.

Here are more images from this great first season story.  I couldn't remember if I took these images from the DVD or the Blu-Ray, so I went back and took additional pictures the other night from the actual Blu-Ray for the official Heart Of Glory entry. It seemed entirely the geek thing to do. Anyway, these are the older images I took some time over a year ago. I do think they are from the Blu-Ray. One way to compare is to look at the images I sampled for the first ten episodes which were extracted from the DVD set before they were mothballed and then sold.

I love what Michael Dorn does with his eyes and his physical drama to convey his character throughout the series.