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Garibaldi Does The X-Files

Note how even Garibaldi gets creeped out by the puppet. Bloody no good puppets! Puppets are just no bloody good!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

B5 S3 Ep19: Grey 17 Is Missing

"Say hello to my little friend[s]" - Smith & Wesson.

I have to confess, and I'm sure you can all understand, writing doesn't always just happen. I try to channel the flow of creativity with every blog entry, but there are times when, quite frankly, you just ain't feelin' it. It either flows pouring from pen to print or the creative well is dry. There are times I’m writing and I absolutely have to slog and trudge my way through it. It's like I'm at war with my keyboard. So I'm sure y'all have days like that when you probably don't wanna be writing, but you grit through it anyway sometimes with less than satisfactory results. I try to retain a quality entry but I have those grey days from time to time if you will. Speaking of which...

I have to tell you that I was quite anxious by the possibilities of the latest Babylon 5 episode based on the title alone. It held me captive with the promise things could be very interesting indeed. This was a heavily Garibaldi-centric episode and I love Garibaldi, but the man has to have decent material to work with to succeed.

Off we go with Babylon 5, Season Three, Episode 19, Grey 17 Is Missing [or A Nightmare On Grey 17] Too bad it wasn't Episode 17 or Grey 19. Sheridan, with new information at his disposal surrounding the success of his Lyta experiment against The Shadows, begins an aggressive recruitment program to formulate a tactical telepathic unit to assist in their mission. Recruitment is clearly difficult as potential candidates tend to bow out once they learn what their pre-determined role will be against the deadly Shadows. Obviously the pay isn't great and they tend to turn tail and run. Zack appears to be in charge of the program.

Sheridan suggests Ivanova contact Franklin for assistance. The doctor had information on underground telepaths. He feels its worth looking into for the next step in their cause.

Down in a manhole on Grey 17 an electrician is swallowed up by something mysterious. Wah-lah, he is now missing as well.

Back on Minbar Homeworld, Delenn is collecting Jeffrey Sinclair’s belongings when her colleagues suggest she become his replacement, the new Ranger One as the position is dubbed in layman's terms.

Zack reports to Garibaldi who is spinning the chamber of a classic Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver that apparently once belonged to his grandmother who was a Boston police officer or “slug thrower.” Cool. I love Boston! [Go Red Sox!] The Earth weapons were phased out and replaced with flesh melting PPGs. Zack informs him of the incident on Grey 17. Garibaldi agrees to check it out personally.

Garibaldi: “I like mysteries, but I hate Grey sector. I swear it’s like the Centauri Triangle in there. There’s always some damn thing goin’ wrong.” WOW! A Centauri Triangle! Is that like the Bermuda Triangle? It sounds cool. I'd like to see an episode in the Centauri Triangle.

Ivanova finds Franklin. He’s still on his walkabout tour, which is now more like a withdrawal-about as he goes on solo detox from the stim use which really came to light in Episode 3, A Day In The Strife. I liked when he told Delenn he thought he had a problem at the end of Episode 11 too, Ceremonies Of Light And Dark [both from Season Three]. Gee, ya think. Franklin has the data Ivanova needs and he agrees to give it to her as long as everyone just leaves him alone. He seemed angrier than normal and clearly irritated. I’m not sure if there was something more to it. I can’t say that it was out of character, but he was clearly agitated in an unusual way. I guess that's drug use and withdrawal for ya.

Garibaldi speaks with a colleague who tells him there are only 29 Grey levels and Garibaldi knows that’s just not correct. He's certain there are 30. Garibaldi does an effective job of implementing good old-fashioned detective work and never takes anything for granted to determine where Grey 17 went. I love when he's standing in the elevator kind of laid back sort of passing the time. The guy is just too damn cool.

Magic is fun when you’re dead.” That creepy little puppet totally reminded me of that 1978 thriller Magic starring Anthony Hopkins. I don't actually remember the movie. I just remember the puppet and those words. In fact I hadn't even realized it was Anthony Hopkins in that film. It just always comes back to the puppet for me. I hate the Chucky films for the same reasons. Terrible, little puppets with freckles are even worse. In fact, I hate puppets. They rank up there with clowns. Still I think I dislike puppets more than clowns even. Puppets are always trouble. Puppets=trouble+death. Now, mind you, I don't mind MUPPETS. They are sooo not puppets in the traditional 'scare-the-shit-out-of-you' sense and completely different, far different, Farscape different. We'll explore this someday when I get to Farscape. So Grey 17 is sooo not missing, it’s just kind of being by-passed. So what gives? And how the hell did someone pull that off?

Now back on Babylon 5, Delenn informs Sheridan of the good news. She is preparing a ceremony on the station to become the new Ranger Smith, er Rick, I mean Ranger One and Sheridan gives his full backing. She is worried some will not agree with her as the selection to lead. ENTER Neroon of the warrior caste. You remember good ol’ Neroon. Happy-go-lucky, my life-is-just-terrific Neroon. I wanna’ party with you Neroon. Yeah, that Neroon. He doesn’t like it one bit. He’s very unhappy [shocker] that a religious caste member is engaging in overseeing military actions without the input of the warrior caste. So he has a bone to pick with her- his bone. Delenn justifiably reminds him that the Grey Council of Nine opted not to act when given the chance. Neroon is a purist. He’s a kind of Aryan-type Minbari and wasn’t a big fan of Sinclair at the helm given he was human. Neroon is a true believer in Minbari code. He asserts the warrior caste should lead the Rangers. Oh and he starts name dropping guys like Valen [so funny, little does he know about Valen and Sinclair- quite amusing]. He says Valen would want it. It’s the law. Just a reminder: Worker, Religious, Warrior Castes. Delenn rightfully tells him he violated the law by rejecting the balance of the nine on Grey Council. Neroon counters with the fact Grey Council was disbanded. Man! You got an answer for everything boy [even if you’re arguments are a tad bit Neroon-spin]! He calls Delenn’s desire to lead, the act of a religious zealot. Hell, that’s the pot calling the kettle black. Neroon should be in the religious caste; ironically he’s more of a zealot than anyone. Neroon tells her to walk away or he will stop her “by any and all means necessary.” The phrase reference reminded me of the title to Season One, Episode 12, By Any Means Necessary.

White Star engineer and frequent party organizer Lennier.
So Delenn informs Lennier of her meeting with the hawkish, uncompromising Neroon. Lennier does not take it lightly. I was wondering if he might go all warrior caste-like on Neroon’s ass to protect Delenn. If Neroon would make a great religious fanatic, Lennier, too, would be a kick ass warrior. Apparently there has been no Minbari-on-Minbari murders in 1,000 years. Sheesh! What the hell was wrong with the guy 1,000 years ago who decided to murder someone and end the no-hitter? That’s a pretty good freakin’ record. He must have been a real marrow head to pull a boner like that! Anyway, the rules have changed with the council disassembled. She makes Lennier promise not to inform Sheridan about Neroon. Clever little Lennier promised not to tell Sheridan, but never promised he wouldn't turn to his old buddy Marcus. Clearly there is a real trust there. Lennier makes a great point. Apart from his personal concern for Delenn, should murder occur, it might spark a Minbari civil war between the three castes. It would be caste warfare! Get it class warfare - caste warfare! The One To Be Pitied didn't think it was funny. Okay. Lennier simply wants Neroon delayed so the ceremony can be completed, but warns Marcus that Neroon is a fierce adversary and lethal warrior [but, in other words, I'm willing to sacrifice you for the greater cause just the same]. The brave and noble Marcus is fearless, but as we find out not fierce enough for Neroon.
I friggin' hate puppets! This could be one of the freakiest I've ever seen!
Garibaldi awakens after being knocked unconscious by the poison puppet dart. Now at this point I’m thinking Robert “Freddie Krueger” Englund should be making an appearance here some time soon. He does. He’s even got creepy old A Nightmare On Elm Street-like fingerless gloves to boot. It figures this guy would be hanging out with loons and a puppet. He plays Jeremiah and quite frankly it’s a pretty weak part with not a lot to work with in the dialogue department. He speaks all kinds of cultist gobbeldy-gook about the end of the world and going out pure and Stardust or something like that [referencing Delenn and Minbari beliefs] to Garibaldi while all of his Charles Mansun-like followers look on as if they're thinking, "when are we rolling out the Kool Aid?". I completely checked out of this scene. It was pointless or it felt that way.

Sheridan asks Delenn about her parents and she gives us a touch of her backstory here. She had strong parents whom she loved, but was separated from them at a very young age.

Meanwhile, the charismatic Jeremiah is holding Garibaldi captive in front of his captivated cult audience. I didn’t find him to be charismatic or captivating myself, but his followers are clearly intoxicated with him. I can’t tell you how closely Jerry Doyle reminds me of Bruce Willis. I know I’ve said it before and many feel the same and it’s no revelation, but there are moments when I swear you couldn’t tell the two actors apart. They say we all have a twin out there and Doyle and Willis are pretty damn close. So as his name suggests, Jeremiah is a slightly radical religious wacko in the vein of Marshall Applewhite, leader of the Heaven's Gate Hale-Bopp Comet cult group, who died in a mass suicide in 1997. If you recall, that group believed Jesus was in a spacecraft behind the Hale Bopp Comet. They needed to die so their souls could join the craft when it passed by Earth taking them to another galaxy called Heaven. Yeah, right, pour me that Kool Aid and sign me up! I'm surprised Jeremiah and his friends aren't in favor of wearing black Nike sneakers when they sprint off to the next life. Jeremiah's group is a certifiable cult of looney toons. Actually these guys do it right [more on that in a moment].

Marcus surprises Neroon and like Gandalf of The Lord Of The Rings he shall not pass! Marcus invokes “denh shah”- to the death! The battle begins. Delenn stands with pride at the ceremony while Neroon barely breaks a sweat. Marcus is bloodied and beaten senseless as he starts quoting Zathras when he loyally proclaims before his victor, “We live for the one. We die for the one.” It is at this moment Neroon understands that humans are willing to die for Delenn. Marcus unfortunately takes it on the chin big time to prove that point.

Back on Grey 17 Garibaldi finds the bloody clothes of the missing technician. He also hears a monstrous voice. There’s a creature loose on Grey 17. How it got there and got on board will forever remain a mystery to me. I’m sure Jeremiah and his rag tag group got it there somehow, but how is another question entirely. Still, this group has plans for a big demise. The creature is a Zarg. It is the cult’s belief they might be devoured and go to the next life pure, like the Minbari, or some such nonsense.

The cool thing for me was the Zarg. I love monsters! I LOVE THEM! The Zarg is also “one of the most dangerous aliens in the sector,” says Garibaldi. Damn! This should be good. So let’s see that Zarg! Ahhh! The Zarg is embarrasingly unimpressive. I mean Garibaldi blasts it in the face with a bit of pipe steam and off it scampers into hiding. COME ON! WTF!? It’s a fucking Zarg! Remember that bit about being one of the most dangerous creatures in the sector. Does that not hold any weight? I’d hate to see what the not-so-threatening monsters had to offer. If it’s dangerous I’d like to think it would take a little more than a blast of pipe steam to send it packing. Geesh Straczynski ya really had me up until this point. Did we run out of time or something? Did the effects department go on strike? Damn it! I was finally going to get a good look at a good old-fashioned, sci-fi monster and it’s a bona fide Babylon 5 dud. It’s a dude dud in a rubber H.R. Giger suit that had its nuts removed on Grey 17. You’re a flippin’ Zarg grow a pair pal. Alright having said all that I liked the name and the Zarg looked pretty cool for a guy in rubber. Still it was a wasted opportunity. perhaps if they had just stayed away from the full lens shot and worked with close-ups alone. I dunno. Maybe we’ll get to see a better monster in the future. Anyway, Garibaldi kills the seething, raging, fierce, beast of Zarg [not!] using the steam pipe and his Smith & Wesson slugs and downs the guy with frighteningly bad teeth in latex rubber. It was kind of Giger-esque, but definitely low budget Giger. I’m not really sure this was a very worthy thread.

Lennier goes to Marcus’ aid. His life was spared by Neroon. Interesting. In the end, Neroon visits Marcus “one warrior to another.” He has respect for him. Delenn and Lennier hear them laughing in medlab together. Neroon’s analysis was spot on. He essentially acknowledges he's been quite the asshole, noting how not right it was that he himself would be so quick to kill one of his own, while a human was perfectly willing to protect his people. Perhaps there is hope for Neroon. I still think it would have been fun if Lennier opened up his own can of whoop ass and I still don't want to hang with Neroon. Speaking of Lennier, there has to be something to that. How can Lennier be so warrior-like and be part of the religious caste? Did he get sent for retraining as punishment or something? By the way, Lennier could have so taken that Zarg with a handful of body shots with the old Lennier fists of steel.

Grey 17 Is Missing: C-
I love Jerry Doyle, but boy was he forced at PPG point to work with some pretty dodgy material.

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Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

This is a shot of the ceiling at The Star Trek Experience, Las Vegas closing in September.

This is a great list and here is the link to Boston.Com.
Top 50 Science fiction shows are as follows [the episode shighlighted ar emy favorites]:
50. Earth: Final Conflict
49. The Wild Wild West
48. 3rd Rock From The Sun
47. Buck Rogers In The 25th Century.
46. That Was Then
45. The Greatest American Hero
44. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman
43. Nowhere Man
42. Science Fiction Theatre
41. Futurama
40. The Thunderbirds
39. The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
38. Batman
37. Space 1999
36. The Bionic Woman
35. Battlestar Galactica
34. The Avengers
33. Lost In Space
32. My Favorite Martian
31. Alien Nation
30. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
29. The Six Million Dollar Man
28. Adventures Of Superman
27. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
26. Stargate Atlantis
25. The Jetsons
24. Wonder Woman
23. Tales From The Crypt
22. Andromeda
21. Quantum Leap
20. The Hitchhiker
19. Dark Angel
18. V
17. Firefly
16. Flash Gordon
15. Logan's Run
14. Star Trek: Voyager
13. The Outer Limits
12. Xena: Warrior Princess
11. Lost [no way.]
10. Sliders
9. Mystery Science Theatre 3000
8. Dr. Who
7. The Twilight Zone
6. Stargate SG-1
5. Babylon 5
4. The X-Files
3. Star Trek: The Next Generation
2. Star Trek: The Original Series
1. Battlestar Galactica [This is a serious travesty. It's not better than ST:TOS. Sorry.]

These shots were taken via a cell phone and aren't great. This is from the table at Quark's Restaurant.
I think it's notable Earth 2 and other superhero classics like The Incredible Hulk were not on this list. Earth 2 I could do without but the Hulk! I was really surprised the writers didn't find a way to include Enterprise and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I know many people who loved those shows. The quality was definitely there. Also, noticeably absent is Farscape. This is a crime. Otherwise, it's a fun list and a more accurate Top 50 Science Fiction list than most I've seen.

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B5 S3 Ep18: Walkabout

I love when Shadows shrivel spew and sort of melt away. So cool.

I know it may seem unimportant and you may have absolutely no idea who I’m speaking of, when I say, Walkabout by The Fixx included some of my very favorite songs including Treasure It and Secret Separation. These were absolutely outstanding recordings brought to life by singer/ songwriter Cy Curnin. Yes, Are We Ourselves? indeed. That’s as far as I’ll digress here today. I can hear your sigh of relief.

We are now about to take a bit of a stroll with Babylon 5, Season Three, Episode 18, Walkabout. I thought it was interesting that, not only is Dr. Franklin [temporarily on leave] clearly on a walkabout journey, but Sheridan as well perhaps, and even Lyta Alexander who returns. She is one of the key players in the Babylon 5 mythology undergoing her own kind of walkabout since joining the Vorlons and now facing the impending aftermath in the wake Ambassador Kosh's murder. There is much soul searching at work here.

A rare, surviving Narn Heavy Cruiser is now stationed aside Babylon 5. Their need for mutual support has its benefits. Londo is displeased to put it mildly. Garibaldi is unimpressed by Londo’s displeasure and simply discounts his complaints.

As I mentioned, Patricia Tallman returns as Lyta Alexander. She’s an attractive actress who is always reasonably impressive on the series. She has inquired about Ambassador Kosh. As his aide, she is visibly upset by his demise and may bare some responsibility.

Meanwhile a new Vorlon ambassador has arrived to replace Kosh. Garibaldi informs Ivanova that Sheridan is on his own walkabout of sorts, walking outside the damn space station with magnetic boots. What!!! I think I'd find better places to walk perhaps looking out a space window would do just fine. There is a great shot where the camera pulls back from Ivanova as she looks out the window of command and control and we get a great external view of the station with Sheridan walking out on one of its longest appendages. The final shot is pretty nifty too as the approaching Vorlon replacement senses Sheridan’s presence and literally positions its ship right before Sheridan. Weird. Could it be picking up on Kosh? The skin of the Vorlon ship shifts leaving a message in Vorlonese [I thought that sounded good anyway] for Sheridan to see. I can't imagine he understands it, but perhaps the imprint left some kind of indelible mark for Kosh. It’s interesting that the Vorlon knew Sheridan was out there. Those are some pretty acute Vorlon powers.

G’Kar entertains Na’Kal, a returning hero of sorts, aboard Babylon 5. I believe this to be the Heavy Cruiser Babylon 5 assisted earlier on in the Season Two finale, The Fall Of Night. *** Okay, I have a quick point to make. I looked into my confusion. Robin Sachs is definitely the actor who plays the recurring character Na'Kal, but I'm not losing my mind and here's why. Previously the character Sachs played was credited as Na'Kai and now it's Na'Kal. Interesting. That a pretty major oversight in the editing department and in the actual dialogue unless Sachs is suppose to be playing a completely different character which I doubt. Hmmm, anyway, moving on. *** Na’Kal informs G’Kar of the good news. Some Narn Heavy Cruisers have been salvaged and some are being repaired utilizing the parts of those that have been damaged. Na’Kal prematurely touches upon retaliation against the Centauri with G’Kar. G’Kar attempts to deflect that idea by explaining the wisdom in protecting Babylon 5 with its remaining forces. G’Kar knows all too well “If Babylon 5 falls we all fall with it.” Not to mention you'd think the Narn as a race kind of needs to rebuild its fighting force to avoid a complete rout.

The Narn Heavy Cruiser is pretty good size next to Babylon 5.
Sheridan is informed Franklin hasn’t left his quarters in days. Garibaldi checks on him only to learn he’ll need to locate the whereabouts of Mr. Walkabout. Garibaldi catches up with him to learn he’s on a bit of a spiritual undertaking. This a pretty moving sequence and Straczynski really gives Richard Biggs the floor. I must admit I have increasingly become less and less of a fan of the Dr. Franklin character over time, but this is definitely one of those moments he's given to shine even if I'm still not completely recaptured by his limited skills as an actor.

The Vorlon replacement has arrived and is greeted by Captain Sheridan and Ivanova in their typically gracious manner. In what we've come to expect of the Vorlon style the new ambassador is puzzling. Per the Vorlon’s request, Kosh’s death has been rendered a secret. Sheridan is apparently to refer to the new Vorlon as Kosh in public [cue Twilight Zone theme]. Sheridan logically asks how the Vorlon should be addressed privately. The Vorlon replies, “Kosh” [excuse me, uh... come again - okay for clarity here on the blog we’ll refer to you as New Kosh]. Here we go again with more unsolved mysteries and the continuing mystique of the Vorlons. Ivanova justifiably reminds the encounter-suited Vorlon that Kosh is dead.

Classic lines:

New Kosh: “We are all Kosh.”
Sheridan: “Well, he’s a Vorlon.”
Ivanova: “Yup.”

The new Kosh is so hardcore he makes the old Kosh look like a giant, old teddy bear with a helmet illustrating the point this race of god-like beings seems to operate with unique character traits and distinct personality however limited.

You can find this in the Museum Of Modern Art, New York City.
Shortly after its arrival, in the smoke-filled or dry ice laden alien sector, the New Kosh through encounter-suit vision makes out some form of establishing marks on the wall, a message perhaps left by Kosh? New Kosh meets with Lyta. She tells him, “I’d heard you arrived. I was just coming to see you.” Suddenly, with a quick jerk of his encounter head, New Kosh places Lyta in a stranglehold. Yet again, a Vorlon goes all Darth Vader to send a message as Lyta clasps her neck and gasps for air. New Kosh demands to know where she was when Kosh died. She insists he was not with her, “not even a piece of him.” We know Kosh and Lyta had performed some kind of energy transfer at the end of the amazing Season Three entry, Episode 4, Passing Through Gethsemane. New Kosh tells her “failed.” She takes the blame for his loss. “I’m sorry he’s gone.” By the way, it’s notable that the end credits once again refer to Ardwight Chamberlain as the voice of the New Kosh labeled strictly Kosh here as well by gosh. It's like humans are clearly servants to the Vorlons [in exchange for something] and if you mess up you are going to be reprimanded badly.
"I Am Your Father."
Later, Sheridan inquires with Lyta how she’s making out with the new Vorlon ambassador. She is tentative and does indicate the Vorlons are taking the loss of Kosh hard. There’s a great moment when Lyta sort of drifts out of body and Sheridan’s voice becomes an echo and when he asks her “is there a problem?,” she hears the voice of Kosh and snaps back out of it [because, once again, could there be a piece of Kosh with Sheridan since his death in Season Three, Episode 15, Interludes And Examinations?]. Sheridan tells her “there’s something I need you to do.”

Franklin enters a bar where he finds a beautiful, sexy entertainer singing. It was an interesting moment within the series. It’s so different in rhythm for Straczynski as Franklin just sits there soaking her in with his bedroom eyes while she sings her little ditty. The lack of verbal give and take is so noticeable given the skillful Straczynski scribe’s normal scripted poetry that it feels like your just floating. It’s a pleasant break from the action just the same.

Sheridan calls a meeting of the War Council. He reminds all that the Shadows’ vessels are based upon organic technology and hence may be susceptible to telepathic interference. The hope is to jam the central operating system and leave the vessel vulnerable. So if a living organism pilots the ship I'm assuming the pilot would be the central operating system. Upon hearing the briefing G’Kar is uneasy with relation to the number of hypotheticals the council is forced to consider. Sheridan admits that there are a number of ambiguities and these theories must be tested via the White Star with Lyta's help. Sheridan is planning to engage a Shadows’ craft in the hopes of implementing the plan and proving their ships can be destroyed. Ivanova knows it’s risky and to date they've been victorious through a combination of ingenuity and a little luck. Now, Sheridan has a plan. I love when he tells everyone, “to minimize our losses”- yeah that’s a positive attitude to rally the troops- “I’ll take a skeleton crew.” Oh yeah, skeleton is right, with that kind of reassurance SIGN US UP! You’re just exuding confidence aren’t ya! So he starts picking people to join his crusade. Lennier is honored to go despite being potential spacebait. Sheridan would appreciate some back-up from the Minbari as well as the Narn Heavy Cruiser. Delenn quickly obliges. G’Kar indicates he will need to speak with Na’Kal. It was equally humorous when Sheridan asks if “anyone else” will join him. All of the aliens start looking down at the floor and their papers hiding their eyes. Yeah, COUNT US OUT! It reminded me of being called upon by professors in school. 'Who would like to solve this equation?' [The answer: heads down, eyes busy, pens writing, pencils tapping, tongues licking lips, fingers itching top of head]. Delenn brings up a great point. Lyta may not be powerful enough against the Shadows as a P5 [level telepath]. Ivanova suggests a Minbari telepathic contingent join the Minbari back up. That's right stick the Minbari out there!

Back in the bar “Steve” [as singer Cailyn prefers to refer to him], and Cailyn are makin’ those “I wanna’ sex you up” eyes. He does. She does. You know The Drill. She mentions something to the affect of being able to see someone’s soul by looking through a glass. Anyway, she does the nasty, or the beautiful; however you see it, and then asks the doctor to get her some drugs. Awww, man why’d ya have to go and do that? Here he was feelin' it for ya and you land that bombshell. Franklin is none too happy with being used.

G’Kar asks Na’Kal for his help. Na’Kal unabashedly refers to Sheridan’s plan as a “fool’s mission.” Na'Kal is obsessed with reclaiming Homeworld and selfishly flat out refuses to help. G’Kar somberly tells him Sheridan’s chances will be less without the aid of the Narn. Na’Kal’s response is pure cold as ice, “If he dies, then he dies.” Nice. Glad we could be of assistance Na'dick! G'Kar is not pleased by the response.

Ship’s Log.” I love when Sheridan records events via the Ship’s Log. It’s such a nostalgic nod to the glory of Star Trek, despite whatever problems Straczynski had experienced with the creators behind Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I love it. Whether it is a bit of homage or just coincidental I love that narrative style over science-fiction. The White Star is en route to Sector 90.

G’Kar lays in bed restless over the decisions that have been made concerning Sheridan. Garibaldi irate, justifiably, visits G’Kar and throws the book at him, the Book of G’Quan to be exact. He is extremely angry at G’Kar’s lack of spine and the thankless response of Na’Kal. G’Kar knows he’s absolutely right too and Andreas Katsulas does what Andreas Katsulas does giving us his emotional response simply through his eyes and facial expression. Did this guy win any awards at all for God's sake? Could Garibaldi be setting up a cavalry situation here should things not go well? I'm thinking. This is another sterling performance by Jerry Doyle and a deliciously subtle performance by Andreas Katsulas. Watching this I felt as though I had missed Katsulas for long stretches during Season Three. He played a big part in Season Two but has been reasonably quiet of late.

I have to say as much as G'Kar has clearly grown as a character and has accepted his fate for a higher calling he has grown a bit soft since his enlightenment. Garibaldi deservedly lets him have it. I hope it’s a wake-up call for G’Kar to get some of that fight back.

Have you noticed they like to focus on Lyta's eyes?
Meanwhile back in hyperspace, the White Star and Minbari are sailing. Lyta asks Sheridan how he knew Kosh had died. He tells her something touched his mind and he sensed it. You’ll recall him screaming for Kosh as he woke from a nightterror in Interludes And Examinations, while Kosh was slaughtered. Lyta is feeling very guilty over the death of Kosh. Sheridan comforts her ensuring her there was nothing she could do. Perhaps Kosh was speaking indirectly to her in some manner.

The White Star exits hyperspace while the Minbari remain there as insurance if all goes badly. Like a missile the White Star comes shooting out of the wormhole upon the Shadows’ vessel. Lyta begins to work her telepathic magic and goes into spasms screaming. Lennier reports the enemy ship is coming in on an “attack vector.” Sheridan gets Lyta to snap out of it and focus on the task at hand. She does as she sees a vision of Kosh being destroyed by The Shadows [or agents thereof]. “They tore him apart. Burn you bastard!” Yeah, it was pretty gruesome Lyta. Take care of those suckers! Lyta freezes the vessel in space as blood drips from her eye. She tells Sheridan If you’re gonna’ do something- do it now.” Sheridan demands a stream of continuous forward battery, yellow-green firepower [the antithesis to purple-pink firepower]. Lennier is forced to take the jump drive off-line. In other words no escape is possible for twenty minutes and you are completely screwed if things don’t work out in your favor. Fortunately they manage to subdue the ship and destroy it. Lyta is faint, tired and exhausted. She tells him it tried to break free. She thinks it may have sent a distress call. In other words, say hello to my little Shadows’ friends because they are coming your way to kick your ass! Ten minutes remaining for jump drive recharge. Lennier is picking up a “local disturbance” [that really sounds much nicer than it's going to be]. Yup! That would be the Shadows backup plan. A jump point opens and here come four Shadow spider craft. Leaving the area would be a good idea. The White Star makes a run of it and here comes the Minbari to assist. The Minbari have only three telepaths to contain three enemy ships while the fourth pursues Sheridan and company. Sheridan looks to Lyta for help but she’s useless, just plain wiped and plum tuckered out. The Shadow craft locks onto the White Star and Lennier gives everyone the good news. We’re not gonna make it,” ---unless the Narn arrive! We can pretty much thank Garibaldi for that. I just knew that was the answer to their success here, but I don’t think that was a surprise to anyone. Together the Narn Heavy Cruiser and the White Star tackle the fourth and final Shadows’ attacker. Furthermore, G’Kar brought a fleet of alien support with him. Nicely done G’Kar. Did you have to open up a can of old-fashioned G'KAr whoop ass to get him to comply? I wonder.

Lyta hears the voice of Kosh, “…and so it begins.”

Back on Babylon 5, Franklin finds Cailyn on the floor. It appears she has taken a hit of Metazine. She has not. He takes her to medlab. Dr. Lillian Hobbs informs him she is suffering from pain- neural paralysis to be specific. She will die. I have to admit there were aspects to the Franklin thread that very much reminded me of his previous career outlet as a soap actor on Days Of Our Lives, not that I ever saw any of his shows, but I know soap opera when I see it and that’s what it felt like. She has six months and he tells the folks in medlab to give her “whatever she needs for as long as she needs it.” It would seem here he didn't feel playing by the book achieved the greater good.

Lyta reports to New Kosh that someone may have a piece of Kosh. Could that special someone be Sheridan I wonder? Can I put money on it?

The final shot of Franklin visiting a now healthy Cailyn in the bar as she sings is sweet and the final shot is an image of him through a prism-like glass window where we see many images suggesting he may not have found himself but at the very least has a whole lotta soul. It’s a great piece of visual poetry.

I definitely enjoyed the Lyta thread more than the Franklin one [B/B-] here.

Walkabout: B-

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Torch Is Passed: Stargate Atlantis To Universe

This is certainly not intended to be breaking news as most of you don't come here for that. This is a blog. I do want to report from a report that it has been confirmed that Stargate Atlantis has been cancelled. The last season for the show will be Season Five [100 episodes], the one currently airing on SCI FI Channel.

So Stargate Atlantis managed to push out five seasons not unlike Babylon 5 and one more than Star Trek: Enterprise. That's a fairly impressive run in this day and age despite coming up five seasons shorter than Stargate SG-1's Guinness Book Of World Records record-breaking ten year, consecutive run for a science-fiction show that beat The X-Files as of 2007. Fans are already rallying worldwide with the latest SAVE THE SHOW campaign. I can't see it. Brad Wright and the rest of the crew over at Stargate run a pretty tight and effective gate.

The good news is films are slated to be released for Stargate Atlantis in 2009 as Direct-To-DVD films much like the Stargate SG-1 films, The Ark Of Truth and Continuum. Furthermore, a new series is waiting in the wings to supplant both the original SG-1 and its slick modern Atlantis offspring in the form of Stargate Universe which will debut in 2009 as well and no doubt bee even slicker. The third series will ultimately be younger and slicker and set aboard a ship called the Destiny [built by the Ancients- these folks are not young at all] as it makes its way via a pre-programmed mission guessed it, the universe. A group of young studs [no doubt] gate to the ship from Earth via the ninth chevron on the gate, but can't go home and are forced to keep on trekking. It sounds a touch like the upcoming Virtuality, but I'm sure it will have its unique Stargate flavor. It sounds like it could be another quality affair as long as they keep that up- keep it coming!

Whew! Busy week for Stargate fans.

Monday, August 18, 2008

B5 S3 Ep17: War Without End Part Two

It's the height of Greek tragedy.

Holy Mackerel Andy! My head is spinning. Honestly. I laid in bed for a half hour thinking about this crazy episode. There was so much in play I was absolutely exhausted trying to keep up. Insanity I tell you. Seriously there was some fairly complex stuff in play here and God help anyone who jumped on board late for this show.

I don’t recall Stargate SG-1 having anywhere near the science-fiction complexity and character complexities of this show. Honest. As much as I like SG-1, it's not nearly as intelligent. At times, it’s smart. It’s just not this smart. A friend of mine scoffed at me who believes Star Trek:The Next Generation is by far the sharpest in science-fiction, but he hasn't seen this. To be fair, I couldn't compare the two accurately at this point. I will someday.

As complex as this one was it wasn’t my favorite but it ranks up there. In particular, there were a few moments when I was feverishly writing my blog entry while watching where I was so enraptured with what was happening I had to put down my pen. You know when you just halt writing on a dime and your mouth is agape whilst you just stare at the screen it's doing its job better than most. I especially loved one scene in particular that I will get to in a bit. It was deliciously creepy science fiction with all kinds of mystery and I savor that stuff. But seriously, there were moments that just stopped me in my tracks. I would stop writing and there were moments I didn't even realize I had stopped. My brain was cramping.

This is Babylon 5, Season Three, Episode 17, War Without End Part Two [or In Sinclair's Name! It's The Man Who Would Be Valen]. When it alludes to the never-ending nature of the Great War it doesn’t joke around. This episode gives you the perception there are some nasty players out there. There are periods of peace but the impression is the fight will never end. This is a war without end indeed. So off we go. This one is like a whirlwind.

Our exciting story begins in the future where an aging Londo, picking up right where War Without End Part One left off, holds Sheridan captive. “What year is this?” pleads Sheridan confused. It’s 17 years into the future following the beginning of the war crusade. Sheridan is relocated to cell confinement.

BROADHURST! Oh for the love of God would someone suck this guy through an airlock?!
YIKES! It’s Kent Broadhurst as Major Krantz. I was kind of hoping we wouldn’t see him again or that he was “unstuck in time” never to be found or something. Good God he’s back and he’s at the helm of Babylon 4. He’s also not much better than I remember him two years earlier.

The Babylon 5 team is attempting to set up the equipment necessary to pull Babylon 4 through time.

A very busy Zathras spots a fluctuating ghost-like image of Sheridan entering in and out of his timespace. Sheridan is “unstuck in time.” Excuse me, let’s try that again Broadhurst-style, remember, “he’s become UNSTUCK IN TIME!!!” Delenn is with Sinclair and feels a strange sensation come over her or as she puts it “as if someone had just walked over my grave.” Flash forward, back to the future, and Delenn is being thrown into the cell with Sheridan. This was a truly intriguing segment. Delenn is very much of this location and time and tells Sheridan she readily accepts her fate and she is prepared to die. “Our son is safe, John, I love you” is just one of the major revelations presented. Oh and the BIG smoocheroo in the shadows. Damn! It’s a little hard to make out the make-out in the dark. I would have liked a little light shed on that love scene, but it's clearly obscured to effect. Sheridan is somewhat surprised but certainly does not turn away the advance. Overall he is extremely confused by her actions and information, “Son?” Sheridan informs Delenn, “I am not suppose to be here. I’m not really here.”

In Valen’s name. It’s true.” Delenn realizes Sheridan’s words are true and he is unaware of what has transpired prior to their meeting. Sheridan believes the war to be won based upon his first meeting with Londo, but certainly all is not right with the galaxy. Delenn enlightens him further, “The war is never completely won…only the names change.” That is about as disconcerting an update as one could possibly get with your life on the line. The good news would appear to be that Delenn and Sheridan have achieved their goals that will set wheels in motion for the next one thousand years. The bad news is, it comes at a terrible price. Okay, you see it’s this kind of depressing news that really kicks in you in the head when you think things might be looking up. Okay, lady in the lake, bearer of bad news, Debbie-downer, what else do you have for us? “I didn’t think I would see you again before the end” cries Delenn. You are not making us feel good here Delenn. The end? What! No! The only way to change the outcome and the future would be to surrender to The Shadows. In all of the intense give and take the one shining moment of joy that seems to overtake Sheridan is the knowledge he has shared a son with Delenn. “But we have a son?” “Yes we have David” Delenn smiles before guards take them. I wonder if he is a little bonehead?

Update: I have re-viewed this installment as of this point in the writing. All I can say is, awww hell here’s a video clip. The performances are so fine I had to include some of it.

Moments later Sheridan and Delenn are brought before a slightly inebriated Londo, but in general this is one Centauri who can hold his liquor. Granted he has been known to enjoy the stuff and go on significant bingers. This sequence is one of the most hair-raising for me. It is a chilling sequence and the hints of new information unveiled are spine-tingling [literally] here. Peter Jurasik is, as usual, brilliant. I mean, what the hell is that thing on his neck? I noticed it, but it was pretty subtle.

Londo: “We don’t want to wake it.”
Sheridan: “Wake what?”

I absolutely love Sheridan’s pained expression in that moment meeting with Delenn. Talk about Twilight Zone! Poor Sheridan is dropped well into the future, informed he has a child, gets a lipsmacker from Delenn, she unabashedly shares her love for him and gives him scary information like “the names change.” WOW! Where's that Babylon 5 aspirin?

So what is that thing [with trerrific make-up]? It’s clearly parasitic in nature and certainly Londo has lulled it into a brief period of slumber, which means Londo controls his own actions only briefly. Can you imagine what might have been had Londo not joined forces with The Shadows? What might the allies have accomplished with his help? It's ashame because he's such a persuasive, convincing and ultimately likeable character down deep. We witness glimpses of the old Londo from time to time.

The scene unearths even more giant story details as many events have clearly unfolded to get us to this point's latest mysteries. The next segment brings together archenemies G’Kar [wearing a kind of disheveled leather eye patch band] and Londo. It is the prophecy we were hinted to earlier by Londo's visions where G’Kar strangles Londo dead. It is a tremendous scene and there's a kind of tragic feel to the whole poetic moment. Suddenly the creature is awakened when it senses its host [Londo] is clearly in jeopardy, a struggle ensues. Is that G'Kar's hand on the creature's eye? Does G'Kar ultimately aid Londo by killing him? Clearly Londo wishes for his death to happen now while he retains bodily control. Clearly the "unfinished business" seems very much by design here.

G’Kar and Londo [with dead parasitic creature] lay lifeless as Vir stands over them with the Emperor’s medallion. Could this be Vir's moment to become emperor? What race has infested Centauri Prime? Have they supplanted The Shadows? Will we learn more about these monsters? Is this the setup for the Crusade series? Has Delenn escaped alone without Sheridan? I’m confused, [where’s that aspirin?] I don’t know, but I damn well loved it! I’m also confused about just how big that blue-skinned thing was, because it appeared be on Londo’s back as the eye opened near G’Kar’s glove that was intent on strangling Londo. It may be a small piece of alien information that is never revisited for all I know, but I do tend to get excited about stuff like that.

As Sheridan and Delenn are escorted to the escape ship Sheridan begins feeling the pain of the timeshift. Delenn warns him prior to disappearing, “Do NOT go to Z’Ha'Dum!” She begs him to heed her words. Why? Is that for selfish reasons? Is she concerned Anna Sheridan will be found? Will it alter the course of intercourse and the future birth of their son David? WHOA! Head pain. More aspirin please. I love delicious scary sci-fi stuff like the aforementioned [in great detail] sequence. It was so unexpected but completely made sense given the consequences of the war and its ramifications. Everyone keeps telling Sheridan not to go to Z'Ha'Dum, but we know he's going damn it! He's Captain John Sheridan for cryin' out loud!

I love the electrified blue, rubber space suit.
Zathras comes up with a plan to rescue Sheridan and then there is that old blue space suit. I love that big clunky-helmeted blue space suit. It’s so cool. There's something kind of antique about the whole thing. It's not very sleek in design and yet it looks terrific. I half keep expecting it to be used in deep sea diving. Zathras has rigged the suit with enough of an electrical charge to stabilize Sheridan upon his return to rescue him. How he knows he’ll land inside that space suit is beyond me. Marcus scoffs at Zathras’ plans as busy work. Ivanova really captures one of the entry’s funniest lines reminding us why nothing should be that hard to believe.

Marcus, we’re stealing a station to fight in a war that was over a thousand years ago. We’re all mad.” Indeed we are, but I love running with this crazy crowd. More aspirin.

Valen was Minbari but not born of Minbari. There were moments here I kept thinking of Sinclair. Valen is one of the holiest figures declares Marcus. He defeated The Shadows and formed the Grey Council. By the way, as Marcus and Ivanova kept loading materials in and out of the White Star through the whole burned into Babylon 4’s hull I couldn’t help but notice the way it was docked on the outside of the hull and where they kept moving in and out of the station. I imagine artificial gravity had something to do with it. Shouldn't the hole be above them? But then I realized we're on a spinning space station. Aspirin.

What animal did Zathras have to kill to get that hide?
Zathras rolls with his station in life receiving very little respect. I really liked how he settled into this episode over the first part of War Without End. He was far more amusing. “No one ever listens to Zathras. ‘Quite Mad’ they say. It is good that Zathras does not mind. He’s even grown to like it.” In all its strangeness and unexpected brilliance, Zathras’ plan works and Sheridan reappears inside the blue space suit on Babylon 4.

I just made out with you and we have a son named David, awww heck I'll fill ya in later.
The central power core is ready. The time jump system is fragile confirms Zathras. Delenn is relieved to see Sheridan. I love when he just smiles, shakes his head and tells her I’ll fill you in later. His head is spinning too. Sinclair and Sheridan head off in their blue space suits to finish securing stabilizers to Babylon 4 so it can be ready for the galaxy’s greatest disappearing act. Unexpectedly, Babylon 4 slips into a time distortion, but then re-stabilizes. Babylon 4 is now four years in the future. Are you paying attention out there? Here have some aspirin. Heck, I’m not even sure it can help now. The crew of Babylon 4 is prepping for a possible evacuation in the event Babylon 4 goes critical.

Suddenly Delenn phases forward. She is in a bedroom with Sheridan [makin' David?]. She looks on lovingly as he lies in bed. The door to the room opens. “Hello.” Is this Sheridan’s wife Anna? This is the first sign that she might be alive. Delenn is shocked as her shadowy figure enters the doorway. Surprise is natural especially if they just finished the old bone stroke and she’s not exactly expecting his wife. Is this how she returns? Is it a possible future? It definitely sounded like the voice of real-life wife Melissa Gilbert. I watched a lot of Little House On The Prairie. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I think I may have seen every episode. I'm sorry that may be too much information. Anyway, I know that voice.

Meanwhile, back in normal time, or the time ahead of normal time, or rather the normal time for some and not-so-normal time for others. Actually, Sinclair is in one time and another time at the same time. Well, they’re in the same time together at one specific moment, which is really weird. Aw heck! Anyway, Sinclair is graying, aging and still sharing his line delivery like a plank of wood. I'm kidding, he's not that bad. Sheridan is lost yet again in a time distortion. Lennier notes ships approaching Babylon 4. Lennier’s aging Sinclair tells him “that’s me and Garibaldi.” It’s Sinclair and Garibaldi answering Babylon 4’s distress signal. Elsewhere, Babylon 4’s crewmen catch Zathras just as it happened back in Babylon Squared from Season One. Who knew the White Star and friends were aboard Babylon 4 back then trying to save the world. This is KEERRAAZZY!

Babylon 4 begins jumping ship. Scenes are re-edited into this episode from Babylon Squared to refresh viewer memory and bring it all together. At the time Zathras handed a repaired time stabilizer to the person in the blue space suit. Was that Delenn saving Sheridan? Uggghh. I need painkillers.

Marcus happens upon Sheridan who has now returned with an undamaged time stabilizer. He's not in a blue space suit either. Marcus asks, “but if you’re here, than who’s running around out there in a blue suit?” Glad you asked Marcus! Man, you are always there to ask good questions. In fact, I’m glad you’re always there to be confused right along side us Marcus.

I loved this brief moment with Sinclair attempting to reach out to Garibaldi. It's quite moving and desperate.
As everyone begins bailing on the fluxing Babylon 4 we’re reminded of what a raging coward Major Krantz is who is more than happy to hurry off and leave Zathras behind to die. He’s not human. He might talk, but who really cares about poor Zathras so screw him. What a completely pathetic wanker Krantz is or was or will be. Whatever. You know what I mean. He’s terrible. Broadhurst deserved the role. What a weenie. He literally leaves Zathras, and Sinclair, high and dry to die. What the hell kind of leader is that? How did you get that position buddy? Maybe he went back in time and fixed the grades on his admittance testing. Pathetic!

Floating seemingly helpless in space within his blue space suit surrounding Babylon 4 Sinclair attempts to radio himself, actually more to contact Garibaldi. It's all quite bizarre. Actually, Garibaldi just happens to be with Sinclair, errr... himself, as they flee the distortion shifting Babylon 4 when the aging Sinclair attempts to contact Garibaldi with Sinclair. I need a drink. Unfortunately he’s outside of communication range and it's too late. “Watch your back Michael. Watch your back.” The suit communicator indicates, “Target is outside of communication range- unable to make contact.” What? Oh no, more trouble, more hints of things to come. What fate awaits my man Garibaldi? This is great! Oh my aching head. I need that bottle.

Back inside Babylon 4 an individual stands over a trapped Zathras. “Zathras trusts the one.” As the helmet is unlocked from the space suit we see that it is DELENN!? WTF!!! Huh!? Vodka, I need vodka. Did she switch places with Sheridan? We know these people fit into a specific schema. They have pre-determined fates and must see to it things happen exactly as they must to defeat the enemies. I think.

Babylon 4 disappears. Another helmet is removed revealing Sinclair, “I tried, I tried to warn them, but it all happened just the way I remember it.” At first I thought this scene was re-cut and O’Hare was replaying his lines from Babylon Squared. This wasn't the case at all. Delenn tells Sinclair “We have to go. They’re waiting for us.” The part that struck me was the fact Delenn doesn't grab his arm as she did in Babylon Squared. They added one new edit and omit the arm touching from Delenn and it just struck me because I remember how powerful that moment was way back in Season One.

As the team gathers, Sinclair tells them to go to the White Star and that he will take it from here and rejoin them later. But they know that’s not exactly true. The fact of the matter is Sinclair must see his path through. He must deliver Babylon 4 to the Great War of the past.

So Zathras is 110 years old. He ain’t pretty, but he looks pretty good for 110 years old. I hope I look that good. I keep drinking like this and it's not likely. Zathras is the oldest living caretaker of the Great Machine on Epsilon 3. He even knows more than Draal. Zathras is clearly worth his weight in salt. His knowledge is as old as a tree despite his inability to articulate himself well. Marcus and Ivanova leave the room as Zathras has a moment with Sinclair, Sheridan and Delenn alone. He explains the concept of trinity to the triad of these three important individuals as conceived by the Minbari belief system. They are three, but they are One. They are the One together. Zathras confesses his destiny is to be with the One who was. Lucky you Jeff! Make sure you have toothpaste.

Sinclair= The One who was. The beginning of the story.
Delenn= The One who is. The middle of the story.
Sheridan= The One who will be. The end of the story.

Zathras & The Boneheads [I'm thinking this is a great rock band name].
So with heavy a heart the three say farewell as Delenn and Sheridan allow Sinclair to finish his mission. All on board the White Star are clearly somber over the loss of the one, well, one of the ones. “Let’s go home.” The White Star launches, but I couldn’t help but feel sad for the whole crew. There is absolutely no peace. There is no stability to even feel at home, yet Sheridan commands the ship with hopeful pride.

The temporal rift closes as the White Star exits. By the way, about the White Star, it pretty much lacks an impressive interior. It just doesn't have the character of a ship like the U.S.S. Enterprise. Granted, Babylon 5 has all of that character. Perhaps the White Star is meant to be fairly plain vanilla, but it's so dark, dull and lacks detail.

Babylon 4 arrives at its predestined fate, one thousand years earlier during the first Great War. Prior to its arrival a certain Minbari, not born of Minbari, goes through a cocoon of his own as Delenn had in the Season One finale, Chrysalis, from Minbari to half-human, half-Minbari. Drumroll..... Sinclair is indeed Valen. It's interesting his transformation resulted in full bone-headed Minbari rather than a hybrid half-bone Minbari-Earther like Delenn. There are scenes that flashback over the process of his transition that are extracted from Season One, Episode 2, Mindwalker, when the alien tells Sinclair "they're using you." The whole storyline [And The Sky Full Of Stars] concerning the hole in Sinclair's mind and why the Minbari released him all make sense now and brings Sinclair's story full circle. Babylon Squared referenced his inevitable destiny. It was an interesting reminder of the many key moments that were bandied about throughout Season One that truly highlight Sinclair was indeed someone special. We certainly knew something was forthcoming but couldn't fully appreciate it at the time, but those moments were clearly purposeful and significant. It all lends further credence to the fact that Season One was a foundation for Straczynski’s masterfully epic storytelling. I'm sure there are a number of other moments in Season One that I cannot recall. I will certainly revisit the series again someday.

I do believe Michael O'Hare may be more natural as Valen, Minbari not born of Minbari, than he was Sinclair [that's all I'm saying].
I have to admit, my gut throughout the series kept leading me to believe that Sinclair might perhaps be Valen [you'd have to be brain dead not to suspect it]. When Zathras tells him “you have a destiny” way back in Babylon Squared I knew there was something profound about his role in the show. I’m not sure I fully committed internally to Sinclair as Valen. It seemed an illogical leap of faith and I couldn’t quite get there, but I loved how this episode plays out that fact with phrases like "Minbari not born of Minbari." It is a stroke of genius. All of the suspicions aside, I think Straczynski did an amazing job of not giving it away until now on the whole. The information was ambiguous and vague enough to keep us off the scent if you will. In the end, flanked by two Vorlons, Valen is introduced to the Minbari by Zathras. It is now Valen, not Sinclair, and as Delenn indicates it was essential his Minbari transformation occur for the Minbari to accept this great leader. Still, despite my reservations about Sinclair as leader of Babylon 5, it would appear fans were really quite torn over the loss of his character. In Valen's name, some indeed miss you Sinclair.

Folks. I had to let this entry go. It was like some kind of all-consuming black hole and the more I went back to it the more I seemed to have missed details and thought just how bloody useless my entire entry was. I couldn't seem to get my arms around it. I'm absolutely wasted! A Sci Fi Fanatic lies lifeless clutching vodka and an empty bottle of aspirin [a very deadly combination].

War Without End Part Two: A-