Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kirk & Bones: The Great Ice Planet Adventure: Part 2: In Deep Trouble

Kirk: Bones, it's been just a few hours. Look at us. We're drowning in snow. How's that communicator looking now?

Bones: Jim, Scotty is sure to beam us up soon. Don't we have a 24 hour rule or something?

Kirk: We've been here for just over 4 hours Bones. How exactly is that going to help? The snow is up to our teets already.

Bones: Damn it Jim I'm a doctor not a meteorologist. I understand your sexual frustration. Listen, we should be fine. Snow acts as an insulator. It will keep us warm until Scotty locks into our coordinates and beams us back aboard the Enterprise.

Kirk: I hope you're right Bones. Insulator or not my pitooties are still knockin' together cold. In fact, I never could understand the whole insulation theory with snow. It's not nearly as warm as that green ultra hot hottie from alpha quadrant.

Bones: Is that all you think about Jim?

Kirk: Is there anything else? Oh, I'm also thinking we should bring a red shirt with us next time. He'd have died for us to find someplace warm. Jesus, Montgomery get off your haggis and let's go.

Bones: Honestly Jim. Stuffed pig's intestines. How does he eat that stuff?

Kirk: And where the hell is Spock?


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the amusing continuing adventures of the Bones and Kirk doll. Just for a heads up, JMS has posted 8 B5 vids on YouTube that originally were only shown at cons. They can be a bit spoilery, but you can at least watch the ones that are mentioned as having aired early on in the series. Definitely bookmark it so you can watch the rest later.

SFF said...

Cheers...I did see that e-mail. It was sitting there in my inbox when I got home. I haven't had a chance to watch them yet but I'm looking forward to checking them out. I'm a big fan of B5 music videos as you know. ;) Thanks for listing the link for those interested.

Cheri Block Sabraw said...

Thanks for all of your kind comments on my blog!
What do you think are the greatest Science Fiction novels ever written?

SFF said...

Hi Cheri

That's a thought-provoking exercise and one I'm probably not qualified to answer given the vast library that is out there.

There are so many and while I'm inclined to reading essays and autobiographies I'm not sure I Am Spock really qualifies. : )

Having said that, I always loved Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? It's a short and sweet novel and of course was lifted to become the classic Ridley Scott film Blade Runner. I also really enjoyed the short story collection by Ray Bradbury called The Illustrated Man. Those stories always stayed with me. Some really terrific writing in there. There are a whole host of others and H.G Wells The Time Machine comes to mind. These are just some. I'm sure I'm missing a whole host of others.

Always a pleasure to visit your reflections.