Monday, December 29, 2008

Kirk & Bones: The Great Ice Planet Adventure: Part 4: Sometime Soon Scotty

And now back to our fearless heroes....hours later. Without Starfleet issued gear or weapons, Kirk and Bones are all alone on the ice planet.

Bones: I had this weird dream we were making snow angels and singing snappy space versions of our favorite yuletide classics. Believe it or not, I was even happy we were stuck here. I'm beginning to lose it.

Kirk: Well Bones, things are really beginning to look bleak. I can barely see you my friend. I can hardly move and feel as though I may nod off myself.

Bones: I know Jim. I'm not sure I can hang on much longer. I'm so cold. I can't feel a thing. I think I'm entering Stage 1 hypothermia. I'm starting to shake.

Kirk: Bones, hang in there. We need to do something and fast.

Bones: Damn it Jim, we need a miracle!

Kirk: Or a smokin' hot woman to wrap our bodies around to get warm.

Bones: Do you have no boundaries? Does anything shake your libido? Not even the cold. If we get out of this I may need to run a full scan on you you. Look, I'd have preferred an alternate kind of stiff myself, but it's really not looking likely at this point. The planetary readings indicated an extremely volatile atmosphere with extreme, sharp shifts in temperature. We can only hope at this point.

Kirk: I suppose. Until then Bones, you keep making snow angels and singing Christmas carols. I have my very own visual going and she's blonde and beautiful.

Bones: Can she sing?

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