Friday, December 26, 2008

Kirk & Bones: The Great Ice Planet Adventure: Part 3: Snow Angel Dreaming

Kirk: Boy, this is fun Bones.

Bones: I'm sure glad we left all of our vital gear back on the Enterprise. Looks like we'll have as much time as we'd like down here.

Kirk: Yeah, with no way to reach Scotty we should have plenty of time to enjoy this Winter Wonderland.

Bones: Sure wish we had some Christmas tuneage Jim.

Kirk: That's alright. We can sing our own songs.

Bones: Great. How bout' Rudolph The Red Nosed Galileo or Rockin' Around The Ferengi Money Tree or Silent Klingon.

Kirk: I was thinking Santa Android or Tribble, It's Cold Outside. Actually, it's not really a Christmas song, but more of a winter number. I always loved God Rest Ye Merry Romulans, Frosty The SnowGorn or The Little Drummer Borg.

Bones: Haha. This is way too much fun. Seriously, let's keep it traditional.

Kirk: Fair enough, but after we sing Jingle Bells, let's build a snow woman with really big snow boobs.

Bones: Damn it Jim, what's wrong with you?


Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO! That was great! I even had to call in my One To Be Pitied to read the latest adventures of Bones and Kirk (TM). Love the Trek themed songs. A giggle is just what I needed after a long day at work. Thanks!

SFF said...

Cheers. Thanks and glad to hear you and your One To Be Pitied are with me. My One To Be Pitied generally thinks it's funny that I do these things to amuse myself. Stay tuned for more action adventure... : )

SFF said...

I love the TM. That's funny by the way!

Unknown said...

Speaking of toys, I received a tribble for Christmas. The odd thing is that it carried a 2009 copyright.

Are there tribbles in XI???

The One To Be Pitied said...

Can't wait for the next installment...
BTW, you said boobs.

SFF said...

Cool. I would so love a tribble. But that copyright is bizarre. Maybe there is a timerift near your home.

Good grief. She has an ID now.

Anonymous said...

OMG someone has a tribble already??? My One To Be Pitied said they weren't due out till Feb (hence the 09 copyright). He has been promising me a tribble since he saw the ad in some comic book magazine (I think) a few months back.

And I think it's great that your One To Be Pitied has an ID now. Now she can comment on your blogs! How's that for true love? ;-)

SFF said...

I know. Those furry tribbles are cool. My Girl Wonder and Boy Wonder watched Last Exile with me. It was an anime series that was decent. The little girl had a stuffed goat in the series and I found that they actually made the stuffed goat and got it for my girl. She loves it to this day. She calls it Goatee.

Anyway, The One To Be Pitied will be happy to know you have her back. :)