Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Battle Of The Planets Comics

The Top Cow comics (2002-2003) for Battle Of The Planets were indeed very impressive. But Alex Ross, Wilson Tortosa and David Wohl created a version of Battle Of The Planets (1978) that was both colorful and violent, moreso than the original Science Ninja Team Gatchman (1972-1974). I recall there was some push back regarding the writing in general, but I definitely enjoyed it as an interpretation of the Battle Of The Planets world. It was also clearly by a group of people who also enjoyed Battle Of The Planets and they put their heart and soul into a book that was cancelled. More on that run of comic books later.

Even earlier, Gold Key Comics (June 1979- October 1980) published their own interpretation of the classic anime. A compendium of the first ten issues of this original comic book was released in 2003 called Battle Of The Planets Classics Volume 1. The overarching look of the book was a much friendlier version of the series for kids. Although it lacked the stunning artwork of Tatsunoko Productions' animation, Winslow Mortimer's art certainly had its innocent charms.

Those days are long gone.

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