Monday, July 15, 2013

Science Fiction Non-Fiction: Leonard Nimoy (Superman III)

"In my opinion, it wasn't putting Richard Pryor into Superman III which ruined the movie.  That piece of casting wasn't terrific, but it was a terrible film even without him.  It wouldn't have been any better or more successful if another actor had played his part.  The perception that Pryor made it a bad picture is wrong."
-Leonard Nimoy on the inclusion of Richard Pryor in Superman III (1983), directed by Superman II's Richard Lester, while deflecting rumors that then hot comedian Eddie Murphy might acquire a role in Star Trek IV (1986), which of course never happened (Starlog Magazine #100, p.56)-


Maurice Mitchell said...

He's right. Pryor did exactly what he always did. The rest of the movie was horrid.

- Maurice Mitchell

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SFF said...

Another excellent succinct way of putting it.