Friday, August 3, 2012

Dinky Toys [Gerry Anderson's Alternate Diecast Universe]

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... the wonderful world of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson was commandeered by an empire called Dinky Toys and Space:1999, UFO and Thunderbirds would never be the same. Alternate designs were made to the amazement of children everywhere.

It's FAB FRIDAY people where all things green are blue or white are green and nothing is ever what it seems. Yes, once upon a time, Dinky Toys took liberties with those classic vehicles of yesteryear, The Eagle Transporter [1975], The Eagle Freighter [1975], The Interceptor [1971] and Thunderbird 2 [1967]. Dinky Toys was in no short supply of blue and green paint at their disposal and they were going to make damn sure that one day these children's toys would become fabulously collectible.

I had the blue Thunderbird 2 complete with plastic yellow Thunderbird 4 many yarns ago. I recall a chance at purchasing The Eagle from an antique shop outside of Bath, England way back when too, but the price then was too exorbitant for my shallow pockets to justify.
Yes, this was like art or commerce imitating life. It was Star Trek: The Original Series' Mirror Mirror meets the world of metallic toys. In fact, even the original Klingon Battle Cruiser [1977] wasn't safe from those merciless Dinky spray guns.

Dinky Toys, which beat Corgi Toys to the licensing deal with Anderson on diecast fun, was established in 1931 and was based in Liverpool, England. How fitting that Dinky should also be from the home of the FAB four, The Beatles, and land a deal to make all things FAB for the Andersons.

Well, Dinky Toys also made Lady Penelope's FAB 1 [1967], Ed Straker's Car [1971], S.H.A.D.O. 2 Mobile [1971] and the USS Enterprise [1971], though the company was more faithful in its representation of the iconic designs... sort of.

Details and designs were certainly simple but these highly sought after vehicles still remain popular. Finding items in mint condition can prove difficult to be sure, but they do exist even though Dinky Toys closed its doors in 1979.

For more faithful productions of some of these classic vehicle designs be sure to look out for castings from Product Enterprise, Ltd., a company that has designed vehicles for UFO and Space:1999 at great cost. It won't be long before those vehicles are suffering paint loss like those vintage Dinky. Saying Dinky is even FAB. Dinky.


Ivan said...

Drool! As a kid, I had SHADO mobile 2 and T-bird 2, but some of these never made it to my neighborhood.

SFF said...

I know it. I'm putting on my genie cap and wishing for MINT NEW versions of these items to pop up before my very eyes.

Shoot. Still nothing. : )

Maurice Mitchell said...

Amazing. I love those models!

L.G. Keltner said...

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