Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back To Frank Black: A Return To Chris Carter's Millennium

The time is near. The somber, considered and beautiful cover to the new book Back To Frank Black: A Return To Chris Carter's Millennium. The return of Millennium and criminal profiler Frank Black is assured through the publication of Back To Frank Black: A Return To Chris Carter's Millennium [2012].

The book has been compiled and edited by Adam Chamberlain and Brian A. Dixon. It will be released by their Fourth Horseman Press this year.

The book is a wealth of information, interviews, essays, art work. I'm pleased and proud to announce I'll be a contributing writer for the book.

More importantly, creator Chris Carter himself, writer/producer Frank Spotnitz and actor Lance Henriksen all headline the project with their own very special contributions.

This reference work is filled with material and is sure to be a dream for fans of the series. I'm eager to read it myself.

Personally, I'm equally excited to note that showrunners Glen Morgan and James Wong have contributed to the book. These were two of my favorite writers throughout The X-Files (Home)and Millennium (The Thin White Line, The Curse Of Frank Black) and their work in Season Two of Millennium generated much of the focus for my own submission.

Furthermore, you'll be pleased to know writer Michael R. Perry, actresses Megan Gallagher, Klea Scott, Brittany Tiplady, Kristen Cloke and the infamous Lucy Butler herself, Sarah-Jane Redmond, have all signed on for the book. Cinematographer Robert McLachlan, wonderful composer Mark Snow and director Thomas J. Wright are all on board for what promises to be the greatest tribute ever printed to Millennium, a series that has been long overdue to receive such attention.

Contributing writers include an array of prestigious pens including science fiction and horror analyst John Kenneth Muir (John Kenneth Muir's Reflections On Cult Movies And Classic Television), the thoughtful author behind Not Bad For A Human, Joseph Maddrey (Movies Made Me) as well as author Alexander Zelenyj, professor Paul Clark and others.

Among such a prestigious group of talents, additional essays will be presented by the men behind the magic of the book, artist/writer James McLean, Troy Foreman, Brian A. Dixon and last, but surely not least, the bionic Adam Chamberlain.

Be sure to visit the Back To Frank Black website for additional details and official press release. More to come on this exciting new book.

When the book finally does retail, all proceeds will be given to the charity Children Of The Night. Hopefully, fans of the series will be interested in looking into it as the date moves closer. A great deal of time and commitment by a number of people went into the project. I wish them great success. I'm also thrilled to be part of it. Back To Frank Black: A Return To Chris Carter's Millennium promises to be a quality affair by a legion of those who care. This is who we are. And we are excited.


le0pard13 said...

AWESOME! I want this! Hey, thanks for spotlighting this, SFF.

SFF said...

Im with you L13. It looks great.

Troy L. Foreman said...


Hey, this is Troy from Back to Frank Black. Wanted to take a moment and thank you for doing a story on our upcoming book. This book is one of the culminations of 4 years of hard work myself, James and the staff have done over the four years with Back to Frank Black. We know you guys are going to enjoy it and thanks for taking part in the project. As you said, there is nothing on the market like this for Millennium!

SFF said...

Thank you Troy. It's a tremendous undertaking. It looks amazing and it's clear that it is a quality, must own product. Wish you the best on this. sff

Troy L. Foreman said...

By the way, really looking for what I am sure is to be an in depth analysis of our book from you! Did you see the review over at Your essay was the standout in the book to the reviewer!

SFF said...

I really look forward to sinking my teeth into it in 2013.

I'm juggling a number of things and one of them will be that professional reference work you so deftly created and for a great cause.

I had no idea about but thank you so much for telling me about it. I will be sure to check it out. Nice to see the fruits of our efforts recognized my friend. A very exciting time.