Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Richard Williams: Why Animate?

"Why animate? Everyone knows it's a lot of hard work doing all those drawings and positions. So what's the hook? Why do it?

Answer: Our work is taking place in time. We've taken our "stills" and leapt into another dimension.

Drawings that walk: seeing a series of images we've made spring to life and start walking around is already fascinating.

Drawings that walk and talk: seeing a series of our drawings talking is a very startling experience.

Drawings that walk and talk and think: seeing a series of images we've done actually go through a thinking process-and appear to be thinking-is the real aphrodisiac. Plus creating something that is unique, which has never been done before is endlessly fascinating."

-Richard Williams, The Animator's Survival Kit, 2001, p.11-

And many who are endlessly fascinated by viewing animation or anime only wish they were talented enough in that field to create it themselves. Thus, we too, are endlessly fascinated.

We continue to examine the world of anime and what makes such productions tick within the medium. We continue our understanding of that world.

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