Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Sci-Fi Fanatic BIG 10: Cowboy Bebop

Coming up with ten of the best for Cowboy Bebop feels a touch generous. I don't think I've been the most ardent of supporters. It's certainly a little easier when you have more than 26 episodes from which to draw. I've tried to be fair despite my lack of affection for the series.

Nevertheless, welcome to the first official Sci-Fi Fanatic BIG 10! Here are my ten favorite Cowboy Bebop episodes in order beginning with number 10, number one being the best. I really did give this some thought, maybe too much. I do think these are pretty close in quality.

10. The Real Folk Blues [Part II]
9. Asteroid Blues
8. Cowboy Funk
7. Mushroom Samba
6. Hard Luck Woman
5. Jupiter Jazz [Part II]
4. Pierrot Le Fou
3. The Real Folk Blues [Part I]
2. Jupiter Jazz [Part I]
1. Ballad Of Fallen Angels.

Close Calls: My Funny Valentine/ Honky Tonk Women/ Ganymede Elegy/ Toys In The Attic

See ya around space cowboys!

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