Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kung Fu Panda

When I took my Boy Wonder to the theatre to see Kung Fu Panda [2008] it was a surprise treat. I had no idea how much I would love the animated adventure. It kind of came at me from out of leftfield. It didn't have any of the buzz or fanfare surrounding it so many acclaimed PIXAR features often receive, but as self-contained films go with fully realized visions of the universe in which they live, Kung Fu Panda is a major karate chop [that's the best I could do]!

Kung Fu Panda may be my one of my favorite computer animated pictures of all time. It lends itself to infinite repeat viewings. For me, it is a beautiful film and it ranks up there with classics like Wall*E, A Bug's Life and a handful of others. It's a lovely little tale and takes the whole Chosen One concept [Star Wars, The Matrix] and gives it a unique twist and look and an entirely funtastic injection of heart. I love the characters in Kung Fu Panda and the look of the film. I want to live there.

Anyway, in my ongoing series of all things Ian McShane it's worth noting he embodies a supporting character in the film in the form of the menacing and dangerous Tai Lung, once believed to be the Dragon Warrior. McShane's husky voice infused with that touch of evil is the perfect choice to bring this character to life. See for yourself. I have loaded a number of clips featuring Ian McShane in that role. Enjoy them, but remember the whole film is fabulous and worth your time if you are one of the rare few that have yet to see it.

That's Ian McShane under all that fur. Squint. Do you see him? I've classified this in the science fiction category not because its animated, but the last time I looked I haven't seen any talking pandas, racoons, snakes, tigers or the like.

Kung Fu Panda: A

It's hard not to like Po the Panda.


Anonymous said...

Again we agree I took grandsons to see it and bought the DVD funny stuff !!! :)

SFF said...

Yes, good clean fun for the whole family. Good stuff.