Saturday, January 9, 2010

Have You Seen My Country Lately?

I mention this for fans of the actor, Jerry Doyle, and if you are interested in the subject matter. Doyle, formerly Michael Garibaldi on Babylon 5, is now, as some have mentioned to me here, a conservative radio talk show host. He will be doing book signings at Barnes & Noble and Borders in Worcester, MA, Cranston, RI and Stamford, CT all on Saturday, Jan 9 for his book Have You Seen My Country Lately?. The book was issued in December 2009. And yes Jerry, I know how you feel.

Update: I had the pleasure of hitting the book signing. I've never been to a book signing in my life. It was a pretty cool experience. It's certainly nothing too outrageous or off the charts, but because it was Jerry it was a big deal to me. You stand in a pretty lengthy line and wait [with your book]. I went with the Boy Wonder. He wanted to see Michael Garibaldi. It was great to see the man. I thanked him for everything he was doing out there. He shook my hand. He took a photo with me and my boy. He spoke with us for a minute. He was just a true, regular, gentleman. I love Michael Garibaldi! Rather, I loved Jerry Doyle, a sincere American.

If you had said to me, 'will you ever meet someone from Babylon 5?' I would tell you no freakin' way, not in a million years. When the heck would I, The Sci-Fi Fanatic, have a chance to meet the Security Chief? By the way, that's how I said hello. I said with a smile, "Hello Security Chief." He smiled. I shook his hand and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Doyle." He pat my son on the back and shook his hand as well. He was just a nice, nice man. But yeah, no way in a million years would I ever have that chance you'd think.
Life is just funny, like Daffy Duck in the Looney Toons. I mean, one day last week I find out he'll be in town and the next thing you know he's walking by and saying "hello everybody." Everyone clapped. Next thing ya know I'm shaking Jerry Doyle's hand. That's just crazy! Only in America.

These are my four favorite Babylon 5 autograph cards. I think I will take them with me to the next life. Jerry Doyle was tough to get too.
I mean, this was the same guy who betrayed Commander Sheridan. This was the same guy who helped G'Kar and shared sets with all of our favorite Babylon 5 characters. This was the same guy programmed by Walter Koenig's Bester. This was the same guy I just watched on Babylon 5 marry Lise Edgars. Ha! But seriously, he was here for more important things, our nation, and he clearly has a passion for the state of the country. Since I do have the same concerns, it was just interesting how these events and interests culminated in the opportunity of meeting Jerry Doyle a.k.a. Michael Garibaldi. Chock one up for another cool life experience I guess. Like I said, no big deal to most I suppose, but it was a special day for me and my boy. The stars lined up and that's just a perfect day to me.


Anonymous said...

That is truly Awsome,you are so lucky,what I wouldn't give to meet one of my B5 heros !!! :)

SFF said...

Hey, yeah, thanks. I know what you mean. It all just came together. It was like the stars in the cosmos just aligned long enough for it to happen. Too funny. He was really cool. It might even happen to you one day, but maybe it will be Peter Jurasik or Bruce Boxleitner. :)

SFF said...

By the way, when I was shaking his hand, it was definitely one of those surreal moments after watching Doyle play Garibaldi for the last three years. A headshaker.

TFKoP said...

"Have you Seen My Country Lately" is the title? Jeez...not very original and quite the rip-off of Michael Moore's book "Dude, Where's My Country?".

Garibaldi, you disappoint me.

But it would've been cool to meet him.

Boxleitner plays the dad of Chuck Bartowski on the show "Chuck".

Belated Happy New Year. I'll see you sometime this year if all goes according to plan.


SFF said...

I know, politically Doyle's not on your team, but we're happy to have him. He makes more sense and he'd be alot more fun to hang out with than the angry Michael Moore.

TFKoP said...

Correction to my earlier post: Boxleitner plays the dad of Chuck's brother in law, not Chuck's father.


SFF said...

Boxleitner is awesome. Chuck is pretty low on my list of things to watch unfortunately. I remember at one point Boxleitner was suppose to be on Heroes. Anyway, too much science fiction, not enough time brother.

Anonymous said...

I am still envious of you meeting Jerry Doyle !!!,the closest I ever came was when my brother went to comic book convention,and some of the B5 cast was there,he got me a autographed pic of Caltin Brown(NaToth)it say to Don (me) Love NaToth,I love it but its not the same,you know !!!

SFF said...

Hey, I know how you feel, because I met him and I still can't believe I met him. It's definitely been the talk of my week. The One To Be Pitied would like me to move on [especially when I gaze lovingly at my autographed book]. : )