Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Millennium Google Hangout With That Other Millennium Group

Millennium - it never looked so good.  If we could only turn back time.  We have that chance.
For those interested in all things Chris Carter and particularly his phenomenal series Millennium and the world surrounding criminal profiler Frank Black, be sure to check in on Saturday, June 29th at 10:00 AM EST for a Google Hangout session hosted and moderated by author John Kenneth Muir and featuring the stars of the Millennium Group Sessions themselves Troy 'The Boy' Foreman, James McLean, Adam Chamberlain and Brian A. Dixon.
The Google Hangout session will be streamed live via Troy Foreman's You Tube link here.
As many of you know, I had the pleasure of contributing to the book Back To Frank Black:A  Return To Chris Carter's Millennium.  The book is a fascinating journey cover to cover back inside the world of Millennium.  The material assembled for the book is nothing short of astounding.  The things you will discover will amaze. In fact, I have been working on a proper review of the book slated to be posted here sometime in 2013.
For those interested in all of the topics surrounding the dense, dark and mysterious world of Millennium be sure to post your questions to muirbusiness@yahoo.com.  Your questions will be posed to those intimately involved with the Frank Black Campaign, editors and writers connected with the aforementioned book, and those involved with Back To Frank Black itself.  This is your chance to have some fun within the Millennium playground.
I can't say enough about, not only regarding the substantive level of knowledge by those involved, but of the kind of wonderful people of which this other and real Millennium Group is comprised.  John, Troy, James, Adam and Brian will no doubt have plenty to offer you.
So this Friday, steer clear of seductive, beautiful women (even if this is who you are).
Make every effort to avoid escorting strange, alluring but beautiful women home.  In other words, stay alive and get a good night sleep.
And definitely do not go into your basement! How many times do we have to tell people that?
Join the group Saturday, June 29th at 10:00 AM EST!
They won't be horsing around.  (Okay, maybe a little.)
Kick back with a fresh pot of coffee! A single cup will do.
And join in for the explosive action-packed session!
The Google Hangout should be a blast offering wonderful insights into the terrifying world of Millennium, the ongoing campaign, the creation of the book and its many deeper investigations and much, much more.
Be there or never return.


Troy L. Foreman said...


Thank you so much for posting this! Supporting our campaign, Millennium and being part of our book Back to Frank Black. We made history with this book as nothing is on the market like it. I dare any fan book release to try and compare to what we have done..you were a big part of that success!!

Your continued support of Millennium, Frank Black and our campaign is truly appreciated! We all look forward to your review of the book as I know it will in depth and very detailed!

Thank you again!!

SFF said...

My pleasure.