Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Season-Ending Skyscraping With John Sheridan

It's been a pretty grueling run of heady intensity here at Sci-Fi Fanatic Babylon 5 central. In fact, it has been so mind-drainingly intense it was time for a bit of silly.

I have opted to focus in on the Season finales for both Season Two and Season Three of Babylon 5 and our fearless, skyscraping, void plunging, air jumping fool without a parachute, Captain John Sheridan.

You'll note there is an interesting contrast in tone between the two entries thanks to lighting and color. There is indeed a very different mood for each season ender. First, we have Season Two, The Fall Of Night, with all it's light, angelic Kosh and green gardens. It's fun to really look at the details in the background as he's falling. There are some very interesting patterns and what looks like some kind of water fountain in the clip. Also, I think they should have applied a bit of fan-blowing to his hair for effect. Perhaps it was illogical to apply wind because of the gravity created at the station's core.

Season Three, Z'Ha'Dum, is ultimately much darker. It is down and out scary and depressingly somber in tone. There isn't a bit of joy to be found in all that darkness surrounded by The Shadows. It is a complete blackout and I felt this classic number from Soundgarden really worked well for the sequence.

With three seasons under the belt which season finale has been your favorite?

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