Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Muppet Show S3: Gonzo, Multiplication, A Piano & The Value Of The Autographed Card

The more I watch some of the older shows with my kids the more I realize just how soulless some of the tripe today really is. In fact, some of the stuff today is garbage in comparison. Funny thing is kids really get and like these old shows. Sit them down to The Brady Bunch, Little House On The Prairie or The Muppet Show and you'll see them absolutely bust a gut or fall in love just like you did.

I'll occassionally throw up some of the best moments from The Muppet Show when something hits me. It's all from the mind of the genius that is Jim Henson. Enjoy them and have a laugh.

Here's a great moment with the fabulous Gonzo.

I like the following clips after his demise has been greatly exaggerated. He's a muppet after my own heart. He understands the value of the autograph card. Fantastic!

Again, still milking those auto cards for all their worth.

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