Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Black Friday Cyber Monday Titillating Tuesday

Like all good, self-respecting, Blu-ray collecting film and TV boy and girl addicts I was essentially glued to accessing the web for all the latest and greatest prices over the past many days.  Yet, I was disappointed. When aren't we? We want it for free.

Films of interest to this writer were simply not in evidence. Any number of Marvel and DC films were offered with great price reductions but of no interest to me.

I managed to purchase a handful of titles off my wish list only to be desiring further fantastic price deals. They simply were not to be had.

My favorite pick up was Martin Scorsese's Silence (2016). The others included Bone Tomahawk (2015), Luc Besson's The Fifth Element (1997), the first season of the TV series Animal Kingdom (2016), Smokey And The Bandit (1977) and Frank Darabont's The Majestic (2001).

I know. It's a pretty weak haul.

I wanted to properly revisit Besson's film before checking out his Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets (2017), which of course never went on sale much to my dismay. And yeah I never owned The Fifth Element. And you call yourself a Sci-Fi Fanatic? But it's like always on TV!

The Majestic was really the only film by director Frank Darabont I did not own and it's a fine film so that void is now gleefully filled.

I was truly excited about seeing a young Sally Field and Burt Reynolds in a film that I wanted to see not just for purely nostalgic reasons (pointing to my father upstairs - thanks for taking me Dad), but it was a classic.

Animal Kingdom with Ellen Barkin has me very intrigued.

And finally, Silence I can't wait to simply sit and watch in silence. I'm still hoping Andrew Garfield wins me over. I am generally just not a fan of the actor though he was very good in Hacksaw Ridge (2016) and Never Let Me Go (2010). I just don't love the guy, but of course he's not nearly as unbearable as Colin Farrell. But anything is possible. Adam Driver and The Force Awakens (2015) bored me to tears, but then I saw Paterson (2016) by Jim Jarmusch and became an instant fan of the actor. So there you go.

So here I was on Titillating Tuesday just begging for continued cyber sales.

Why not Titillating Tuesday? How about We Want It Wednesday? Beyond Thirsty for Blu-Ray Thursday? Super Satisfying Saturday? Or So Cheap I Can't Even Stand It Sunday?

I mean none of the films I want seem like they will ever go down in price. Colors (1988), Nighthawks (1981), Fearless (1993), No Way Out (1987), River's Edge (1986), Midnight Run (1988) and the list goes on. Oh well, there is always next year and until then I'll keep watching. My only recommendation is can we keep these exciting alert days going for a bit for us addicts. Hey I've made a few suggestions people.

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