Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What's So Fun About Fun Size?

I really don't get the FUN SIZE candy treats?

I love candy and if all you offer is about 12-15 pieces of and then you're OUT, that's not fun to me at all. Where is the fun in that?

Heck, a giant-sized box of candies is a hell of a lot more fun, and when that's empty it's not so much fun.

If you're going to earn the tagline of FUN SIZE you better damn well be fun and as you can see by the pictures, there's just nothing fun about these little teasers.

These little packages should be called the NOT-SO-FUN SIZE! That seems a lot more reasonable.


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SFF said...

Ha. Really, about as much fun as double mint gum. Those people are having way too much fun in those commercials.