Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snowpocalypse 2015


Bones: For the love of God Jim, beam us up already!
Kirk: Bones, do something about all this snow!

Bones: Damn it Jim! I'm a Doctor not a Meteorologist.
Scotty: I canna' take the snow any longer Captain. My gyro stabilizing crystals are freezing.

It has been cold, windy and snowing and still is. My daughter and I squeezed in Fargo (1996). You betchya yah! I had forgotten Frances McDormand (Academy Award Best Actress - she so deserved it) doesn't show up as Marge until at least thirty minutes into that Cohen classic. Anyway, a good, cold snowy classic for this Winter day.

I had to break from shoveling and that film was my treat in between. Still have power at this time. Thank you God. And speaking of Scotty, Maisie is still loving it all.


jdigriz said...

We just got a glancing blow of the system here in MD. I swear I could watch that film in August with no AC and still feel like I have to put on a winter jacket.

SFF said...

Ha. So true. That movie just feels cold. Funny.

With communications and the proliferation of that capability I doubt there will ever be a Blizzard of 78 again. This one really wasn't too bad all things considered.

El Vox said...

Looks cold to me. We had close to 70s temps yesterday, but turned back to cold here.

Fargo is a good film. The series is too actually. I was really skeptical about it, but I got hooked on it pretty easy. I heard they were making a second season.

SFF said...

Ha. I have that series on standby. Looking forward to it.