Friday, March 9, 2012

FAB FRIDAY Photo 5: Thunderbirds' Pilots Promo

Virgil, Alan and Gordon blast us us into FAB FRIDAY with those glorious Thunderbirds' International Rescue uniforms as they soar off to their latest mission inside Thunderbird 2. Yes, they make their way toward the weekend, but they do so in eye-popping Gerry and Sylvia Anderson style.

The gorgeous blue uniforms complete with polo neck were complemented by trousers and boots. These classy uniforms were further accented with that classic International Rescue insignia set upon a striking sash uniquely colored to the given Tracy topped off with a beautiful glengarry-styled cap as proper organizational headwear. This was completed with two pouches and a side arm.

The Tracy boys were dressed as sharp as their respective International Rescue craft. These guys could handle a mission. James who?


le0pard13 said...

Thunderbirds are go!

SFF said...

;) 10-4 good buddy!