Monday, August 15, 2011

Fire In The Sky: The Alien Encounter

Fire In The Sky is a quietly powerful little film as a foray into human nature, but it's more fantastical elements of an actual alien abduction are just as remarkable and run in terrifyingly stark contrast. Fire In The Sky is both a great science fiction story and human event. Here is the fictionalized abduction of Travis Walton.


John Kenneth Muir said...


I love your eye, my friend. And it's always a special event when you post one of these galleries. Here, you've picked a doozy. That alien-abduction scene from Fire in the Sky is really harrowing, and your images truly capture the outstanding production design and mise-en-scene. The filmmakers did an extraordinary job here, crafting this distinctive (and terrifying world).

Your imagery makes me want to watch the movie again. Or at least the final half hour. (Though definitely not while I'm alone in the house...)

All my best,

SFF said...

Thank you good sir. Thanks for the kind words.

As I watched the film, the segment, which clearly works on atmosphere and sound was entirely visual. It was frightening and constant without a break for dialogue. It really called out to me visually.

This end segment of the film as you mention seemed ripe for a strictly visual post separate from the review.

Thank as always my friend.

Will said...

Fire in the Sky is one of my favorite films and people don't appreciate it enough. What makes it work, in my opinion, is the fact that the acting tells the story and delivers the drama for 75% of its running time.

And while you debate what's real and what isn't and get it into your head that, even if it was true, an alien abduction can't be THAT bad, the final 20 minutes is absolutely terrfiying. Still one of the most shocking and terrifying sequences in film history in my opinion.

My favorite TV Show, The X-Files, might have got a lot of material from Close Encounters and Silence of the Lambs but Fire in the Sky is one of it's forgotten influences.

SFF said...

Hey Will. Boy, Well said.

THere's no doubt Chris Carter took away some thought-provoking material from this one.

We all know he turned to Robert Patrick for his X-Files.

And that's right, you love The X-Files.

Just so you know, tried to leave a comment, but got blocked over at your site. It's happened elsewhere.

Thanks for your thoughts here Will.
all the best,