Monday, May 23, 2011

Wonder Woman In Chains

Tears For Fears gave us a classic single with Oleta Adams called Woman In Chains from The Seeds Of Love [1989]. Well, Wonder Woman in chains wasn't uncommon. She was normally roped up, cuffed or chained. What were those male studio executives trying to say? Fortunately, Lynda Carter wasn't having any of it.

"When she gives you this face, you just know that you'll be eating all of your meals through a straw for the next few months."


William Curry said...

You know, Lynda Carter, like so many actor and actresses in classic shows, just "got it" imo. She had fun, the show was fun, and went in directions that it seems most modern films seem to want to go the opposite of, heck I'm saddened by how the Wonder Woman pilot that came out a few years ago just seemed to be all over the place, and not in a good way. That said, that picture is great fun.

SFF said...

Hi William. Thanks for writing.
And it's funny, as simple, or maybe uncomplicated, as shows like Wonder Woman or The Incredible Hulk were back in the 1970s they did get it. They weren't fussed with the kid of special effects concerns that dominate the making of film and television today. They concentrated on the character. That made these shows special and Carter and Bill Bixby and Lindsay Wagner were all just superb back in the day for it. Cheers.