Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SciFiNow: The Best & Worst Episodes Of Wonder Woman

A thing of absolute beauty.

Another sensational summer of superhero films is in the air, so why not take a look back at one of the sexiest, one of the hottest, one of the super best of all female heroes, the true original, the one, the only Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. The 1970s was clearly chock full of some classic science fiction television. The Incredible Hulk, The Six Million Dollar Man, UFO, Space:1999, Battlestar Galactica and Wonder Woman. What a decade!

Wonder Woman is truly begging for a revisit. Why? The voluptuous allure of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman of course. Next to Lindsay Wagner, the Bionic Woman, Lynda Carter was the IT super babe of the 1970s making Wonder Woman appointment TV for my exploding, genetic, coming-of-age, mutant transformation. Who didn't love watching that Hot For Teacher-attired, bodacious Lynda Carter twirl around into an exploding package of vibrant blue, red and gold tights and glitter. YES!

Why those box sets sitting on my shelf have yet to pull me for a sit down I'm still trying to understand. They tease me so. I'm constantly taunted by that red, white and blue body to end all bodies.

Needless to say, until the time comes when I can fully devour all 59 episodes of Lynda Carter I thought I would bring you the Best and Worst of Wonder Woman's three seasons of television according to the always wonderful, but often hit and miss subjective calculations of SciFiNow [Issue #6]. I went into the archives for this one friends.

The Best:

1. Fausta: The Nazi Wonder Woman [Season One].
2. Light-Fingered Lady [Season Two].
3. The Boy Who Knew Her Secret Part 1 & 2 [Season Three].
4. The Feminum Mystique Part 1 & 2 [Season One].
5. The Girl From Ilandia [Season Two].

The Worst:

1. The Pied Piper [Season Two].
2. The Deadly Sting [Season Three].
3. Spaced Out [Season Three].
4. A Date With Doomsday [Season Three].
5. The Man Who Could Not Die [Season Three].

"The good guys aren't what they used to be. Should we shoot her, rope her up or take her to dinner?"
Ah yes, Wonder Woman, "all the world is waiting for you." Well, at least I am.


John Kenneth Muir said...


It's been a while since I've watched Wonder Woman; and then I was watching the cut-up Sci-Fi Channel version. I'd love to catch up with it again now, on DVD.

But currently I'm watching...Season Two of the Bionic Woman...and loving it! Just watched the three-part Fembot episode "Kill Oscar," with Joel and he flipped out over the bionic on fembot smackdowns.

Ah good times...

SFF said...

Yes, good times indeed my friend.

I was perusinga few episodes last night and my son was getting sucked right in.

I kept saying, "go to bed," but he was digging the Wonder Woman.

Boys simply can't resist the lure of Carter.

Can't wait to check out Bionic and Six a little more regularly.

Neck deep in some X-Files at the moment.

Cheers John.

Jack S. said...

A bit late to the party here am I but I thought Season 1's Judgement from Space the best episode they made, Loved Tim O'Connor's Andros and the chemistry he had with Carter and also thought Scott Hylands performance as a Swedish accented Nazi SS officer and newspaper man was riveting. Carter and O'Connor talking at the Lincoln Memorial was memorable always. Carter wearing that cape really did look like a pricess as O'Connor kept calling her.

SFF said...

Thanks for the input here. Others will definitely want to know about that Season One episode. all the best. sff