Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Wish

If you had one wish that could affect one of your favorite science fiction series substantively or technically for the better what would it be? Please share your thoughts and why. This brief posting exists because I'm most interested in your thoughts. I'll share mine in the commentary too. Here are the series in which you may apply your wish or wishes.

Babylon 5
Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica New
Star Trek
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: Enterprise
Stargate Atlantis
Stargate SG-1
The X-Files

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what could have made one of the classics even better.


Fritz "Doc" Freakenstein said...

It is widely believed that if J. Michael Straczynskik knew that B5 was being picked up for a fifth season sooner, he would not have rushed the ending of the SHADOW AND LIGHT storyline. I wish I could have seen the events of season four continue into season five.

I’m still angry at the FOX TV network for cancelling the best sci-fi show since Star Trek! If Fox had run the pilot episode Serenity first, instead of last, viewers may have had a better time understanding Joss Whedon’s blend of SF and future-western better. I wish that Fox had aired Firefly on any night other than Friday night, because Friday night is the second-lowest ratings night on TV; Saturday being the lowest.

I, like every other Trekie/Treker, wish that Star Trek had continued on for at least two more seasons, so that Kirk, Spock, et al, could have finished their “five year mission”.

John Kenneth Muir said...

This is a great topic for a post! I love it. My one wish is that Space: 1999 had not undergone a format/tone change in Year Two (though Maya would still be added to the cast...)but had instead developed storylines and an atmosphere along the lines of Year One. Simple as that!

And, of course, that Space:1999 ran in that format for seven years.

great topic!

John Kenneth Muir

SFF said...

Thank you both for getting this thread of thought going.

Right off the bat, you've both offered twists on things I've often pondered or considered, but with subtle nuances.


Couldn't agree with you more. I'm actually in the middle of reading Jane Killick's book to Babylon 5 Season Five, which actually inspired me to write this post [more in a moment]. Anyway, I was jotting some thoughts down regarding her post for a later date and some of those thoughts were precisely what you mentioned. I wish the fear of cancellation hadn't rushed Season Four. You articulately hit it on the head. I wished those event were spread out into Season Five as intended.

Great point about Firefly. It has to be one of one of the biggest, universal outcries going. And you're right, the sequencing of the show and its placement on Friday night really hurt its chances. Farscape was also mis-sequenced, but fortunately survived for other reasons.

Your thought about Star Trek never even crossed my mind. Wouldn't that have been something special to see. It gave me pause. Thank you.


Thank you for the kind words. I thought it would be nice to see some reflections from the folks here who really bring alot to this little blog. Thanks for the kind words.

I loved your openness to keeping Maya in Year Two, but staying the course as so many from the cast, like Martin Landau, had wished. But what a great point. I can genuinely picture it just as you suggest. And seven years, wouldn't that have been nice? Firefly, Space:1999 and Farscape for the seven year runs that Star Trek: Voyager received. It seems only fair.

Thanks again John.

SFF said...

Given the wonderful work put together on the Star Trek Remasters, I wish J. Michael Straczynski and those that owned the rights to the series would give it a proper remastering with NEW special effects. This would be something of a revelation to the eye. The removal of the early era CGI a la early era PC game graphics replaced by the kinds of visuals that populate the Star Trek Remasters would be a sight to behold. It would link all of the wonderful drama and serve the series up to new audiences giving the series new life. I would also like to see the print of that series cleaned up with the same kind of care. I really wish this could happen.

I have a few others for later.

I really enjoyed Doc's wish for a five year run on Star Trek and JKM's vision of Space:1999. Boy, those would be really something.

le0pard13 said...

I'm completely in agreement with Fritz and his comment regarding FIREFLY and STAR TREK. I'd add that I wish ST: DEEP SPACE NINE would have gotten into the Dominion War and the Section 31 plot lines sooner -- Bajor and the Prophets course was never really compelling for me. ST: Enterprise could have... oh, never mind. It just didn't work for me. I wish the new Battlestar Galactica could have started weakly and end strongly (instead of the other way around). That's all I can think of at the moment. Great idea, SFF! Thanks for this.

SFF said...


Good 2 hear from you.
You know, I have a friend at work and she swears by Deep Space Nine becoming something special when it finally got into the Dominion War and when they started going out in the vessel. I've heard others tell me it's simply one of the best of the franchise. Of all the Star Trek chapters DS9 seems to get the most debate. I have yet to see it through but my collection is on standby collecting dust. I look forward to it.

Just as the prophets weren't compelling for you, I had the same problem with the whole Byron & the Telepaths [sounds like a band] thread. I just couldn't get into this storyline in Babylon 5's Season Five.

I'm still open to Enterprise. I've seen a few and enjoyed it, but I need to watch it through to make my final asessment. I think when I do get around to covering the various Star Trek offshoots I will probably pick and choose which episodes I wish to cover for the blog given the sheer immensity of the Star Trek catalogue. I'll simply write about the specific entries that appeal to me the most.

Your final point was really interesting. I completely understand your logic because Season Three and Season Four of NEW BSG were really hit and miss for me and did not finish with the same power as the series began with [for me]. I know some really enjoyed the interpretive nature of the BSG finale, and I can't say that I disliked it, but I really wasn't blown away by it in any way. Most of Season Four was okay so I do know what you mean, but I'd hate to see that series lose some of its power found in those first two seasons. Like you, I just wish it finished stronger. It was disappointing in some respects.

Anyway, thank you. Very interesting thought.

So the genie is still waiting friends. Anyone else with some food for thought. How about those extended series like The X-Files or Stargate SG-1?

Bueller? ...Bueller? Anyone?

I will say I thought the creators of Stargate SG-1 navigated a coup by obtaining Ben Browder and Claudia Black from Farscape. It was a brilliant move. If you're going to fill the shoes of an absent Richard Dean Anderson following Season 7, these are two impressive talents to bring on board. I am forever grateful for those final two seasons with Browder and Black. It was an interesting dynamic with a completely different vibe. Still, I wish [and here's my wish part] they managed to keep Richard Dean Anderson on board. Understandably they couldn't because of his own personal wishes, but it would have been interesting to see him play off the two newbies.

Unknown said...

Babylon 5, with all its weaknesses and mistakes, is still my favourite TV show ever, no matter the category. There is such nostalgia there now that there is little I would change, even though I have also been through the season 4/5 trauma that others have pointed out. A remix with new CGI would be great. Some wooden acting (season 1 especially) and some other painful moments could be edited out.

However, I think the ultimate thing for me here would be a big screen, big budget 2 hour movie of the telepath war in full glory. I wouldn't mind a moment where Lyta took on the psi corps in a scene not unlike River taking on the reavers in Serenity. ;) However, I would hope it didn't need to outdo everything that came before it, like the Legend of the Rangers thingy; The Shadows were old and bad enough, we didn't need new villains who were older and badder. Wouldn't hurt to think in another direction. Anyway, I ramble, as I often do.

Firefly - a few more seasons would be nice. There was a LOT to explore still, and I cry blood whenever I think about the injustice done to us all when this was cancelled. Then again I loved Dollhouse, so I am probably just another Whedon sl*t. ;)

Never saw any of the Star Treks, waiting for the new BSG complete series BD to show up here, The X-Files was my favorite show for the first 3 or so seasons, then I kinda dropped out of it after 7 or so..

Farscape could have been a lot of fun, and I did like it and watched most of it. I have something of a muppet aversion so that got a bit creepy - I guess I am a bit opposite many people there, CGI doesn't bother me as much as obvious puppets do. Would pay to see a 3D muppet version of Avatar tho. ;)

Well, that's it, I've just added more worthless opinion to the internet. Such is life. :)

SFF said...

You're funny and witty and always make great points so your input is far from worthless in my humble opinion. Plus, it's all good fun.

You'll find this a bit surprising, but as much as I would LOVE to see Babylon 5 cleaned up on the CGI front, I would not edit dialogue or scenes from the actual actors. I guess I'm a bit of a purist in that way, which is ironic since I would happily see alot of clean up in that CGI.

A two hour B5 film as you depict it might be awfully cool, because I did love Serenity, but it would have to be that good.

I completely understand your point about the muppet factor, but I guess I do look beyond that and immerse myself in the Farscape world. Always appreciate hearing from you. I hope all is well with you and yours.

Anonymous said...

There are at least three wishes when it comes to B5. If I had to decide I'd say shorten Season 1 and 5 down to 13 episodes. Both seasons would benefit immensely from that.

In regard to nBSG I wish SciFi wouldn't have pressed for more stand-alone episodes in Season 3.


SFF said...


Really loved your idea of the 13 episode Season One and Season Five. I couldn't agree more. They needed a bit of trimming out of the gate and at the back end. Great wish.

Is that what happened with Season 3 of BSG? Hmmm. I will have to rewatch that series again some day for discussion here. Cheers M!

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic: Are you going to continue your ST:TOS reviews at some point?


SFF said...

M. Most definitely. I'm working on the next one as we speak. I plan on a thorough investigation of TOS and a more selective analysis of the other Star Trek franchises. Thank you.

Will said...

A little late to the fun, sorry:

Babylon 5

I wish Sinclair made more appearances. I am one of the few people who liked him. I actually didn't like Sheridan for half a season because I thought Sinclair was a great leader for the show.

Battlestar Galactica New

I wish it stayed grounded in 'reality' and didn't get mystical. It killed the last two years for me. Also, I wish (if I'm allowed a second) that stand alone episodes didn't exist for this series.


I wish Chricton didn't get split in two and each week during, what was it, the third/fourth season, we didn't alternate between Moya and Talyn because, frankly, the Moya episodes, with cartoons and everything, were just flippin' silly. Also (second wish, sorry), I wish that when Chricton came back to Earth they changed the opening title.

I'm okay with everything. I've moved on.

Star Trek
Agree with the five year mission somebody mentioned earlier.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
I wish the show took more chances. The final three seasons are so clean and uneventful compared to the first four seasons that you lose the sense of wonder you got even with the bad 1st season eps.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Romance. Cut ALL romance from the show. It is the writer's weakest point.

Star Trek: Voyager
Never make it.

Star Trek: Enterprise
Never make it.

The X-Files
My all-time favorite show! I wish Doggett and Reyes, really GREAT characters, had a few more seasons solo!

SFF said...


Never too late my friend. Glad to have you. First, I loved your recap on many of these shows. Thanks so much for offering your commentary.

First, you are not alone, several people who visit here feel as you do about Sinclair. I might even have to give him a second chance. Part of me looks forward to looking at Babylon 5 a second time having seen it in its entirety at this point. Someday.

Second, I must agree with you on some level. i know others who enjoyed the mystical level of the series. I must admit, and you've sort of given me clarity on this, I preferred the more grounded military-styled survival game of those first two seasons myself. Agreed.

Third, I can't wait to see your input along the way on Farscape, because I've yet to see it completely. I look forward to see where I stand on it as it moves along.

Fourth Firefly- hysterical.

Fifth, On Star Trek [the franchises] there are so many different opinions. It's is fascinating as a vulcan once said.

I can't wait to watch the X-Files again and fill in the holes by watching all o fthe episodes I missed.

Thanks so much Will.

Will said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry if I blew some stuff for you in regards to Farscape! Just ignore that stuff!

In regards to B5, I recently watched the entire series from beginning to end, including all the movies and select episodes of Crusade and. . .it underwhelemed. But it still has some great characters and is worth another watch. Don't watch it on 1080i though. . .it looks like home video!

As for X-Files, and I'm sorry to self promote here, but alongside my main website I do an X-Files site in which I watch the series in order and write one essay per episode. I do about 5 episodes per month. . .it is my all-time favorite show!

Great site you have here and thanks for responding back. I love when moderators comment back, it keeps things going and helps connect people to the creator of the site. I linked you up on my site!

SFF said...

Hey Will

I'm completely with you. I enjoy the conversation between writers myself. I couldn't agree more. Thanks again.

You know. I had your site bookmarked thanks to discovering it over at Radiator Heaven but for some reason it has escaped my attention. I want you to know I'll be heading over a bit more. There's so much there for me to enjoy and it was definitely an oversight on my part.

Thanks so much for adding me to your site list. I plan on putting one together soon myself and when I do I will make sure you are on it.

No worries about any of the spoilers. My mind races so quickly I forget things. Not to worry at all.

So a couple of things. B5 really needs some work on the remastering department doesn't it. It looks atrocious and needs to be addressed. I know what you mean about being underwhelmed by B5. It definitely does not rank as a favorite for me. I enjoyed it specifically for the character moments as you mentioned. They make the series for me. Some of the characters and performances by certain players. Some of the dialogue is strong, but it's not my normal cup of tea. I'm glad I branched out to try it though and see it all. I still might give it another go sometime all the way through as you did.

So, thank you for the supportive words. I appreciate it Will. You have a stellar site as well and I look forward to participating there.

I really want to see your X-Files sections too. I hope there'sa link to it at your site, if not please let me know.