Sunday, February 14, 2010

Maisie Is A Dog Lover, She Lives By A Code

As I puttered about the kitchen making coffee and generally enjoying the sweet aroma, the Boy Wonder had Star Trek: Enterprise on the screen. It was in HD and looked real good too. I'm dying to watch so many science fiction series and Enterprise is no exception. I wanted to drop everything and start.

Anyway, the episode was Enterprise, Season One, Episode 25, Two Days Two Nights. Captain Archer and his dog Orthos head down for a little R&R with a few colleagues to the resort planet of Risa. We'll worry about the full review for another day. Anyway, Archer's dog starts barking. My dog, Maisie, immediately bolts to the television in attention whimpering with excitement. Within minutes there were three dogs barking, two on the screen and mine. At first I thought she loved Star Trek, but I'm a fairly quick fellow and realized she's a dog girl. She loves dogs. She loves them all shapes and sizes and is happy to join the fun wherever they may be. There are dogs like this and there are others that wouldn't budge if the house is on fire. Maisie is a gamer. She wants to be in the mix.
I tried getting a snap of her watching Star Trek before the scene ended, but alas it was not to be. Don't you hate that? You have moments where these variables all add up to the perfect photo opportunity and when you get the camera the moment is over. ARGH! I hate when that happens. But, let it be a lesson, enjoy those moments lest you miss them while trying to get the camera.
This photo was captured earlier while she watched a Best In Show dog show. What's impressive is that Maisie will take to the TV whether a dog is talking or silent, because the dogs in this show are so well mannered they don't say a peep, but she still knew they were there when she saw them.
She loves shows with dogs. Though, she is a bit of a Dexter fan too.


Anonymous said...

Maisie is SO CUTE :)

SFF said...

Yes, we got lucky with her.