Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fun With Peas

The Girl Wonder has a way of getting by in life. She was responsible for this clever little move. Click here. Chocolate cake was not in her future the other night when we indicated 'peas must be eaten.' She came up with this little piece of self-entertainment and I had to snap it. She quietly went about her business coming up with this gem. The plate highlights Shrimp Scampi minus the shrimp and the remains of a bread stick. Yum.

I'm not sure I ever had that much fun with peas.

On a side note, my father, one of the most normal fellows, was an odd sort in this way. He actually loved vegetables. When he was young he would lodge complaints with his eldest brother at the dinner table that his brother had more peas than he had. My father was incensed he didn't have as many peas. His brother was a large man. You really didn't want to mess with him. My father was unafraid despite his lack of height. My father's brother would reach over to his plate, take his plate and scrape all of my father's peas onto his plate. My father looked on stunned while his grandmother and other brother sat silent. His oldest brother would look dead straight at him. "Looks like you've got no peas now." Clearly, no fun with peas for my dad. The moral of the story: You really shouldn't complain and be thankful for the peas you have. Most children would have enjoyed sitting at the dinner table with my father's brother.

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