Monday, September 21, 2009

The Poll & Other Odds And Ends

I must be one of those guys who is a sucker for a good poll. I love polls especially science fiction polls. It would appear I may be in the minority there. Still, we did receive three votes. HA! Sounds so funny. The winners of our poll made for a three way tie in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Firefly and Farscape. These were the three people most desired to see here on the blog. In second place was Star Trek: The Original Series and Battlestar Galactica, the new version.

It would appear I need to get cracking on one of the aforementioned series. Having said that, I have not forgotten the final two episodes of Babylon 5. I have reached out to a few second hand sellers and have received no replies. I will try again.

Also, while on the subject of the new Battlestar Galactica, I did finish watching that series. The effects were simply amazing for television, a far stretch better than your standard throwaway SyFy film. I have to admit that the series started very strong for me and waned out as it closed with Season Four. I also felt character development never hit its stride. The action was tremendous and the energy and look of the series sensational, but character development stalled on many points. I was also left scratching my noggin on a few key plot points? Kara Thrace was the harbinger of death or so we were told several times. There were many points created along the way that went unanswered in the final analysis. I'm not looking for a clean wrap up, but I'd like to see it conclude with some sense of logic. I felt the final season ended awkwardly and I still have many questions that I can't quite connect. I may revisit that series some day and analyze it in full here. I liked moments along the way in Season Four. I even liked certain aspects of the Series Finale, but it appeared a bit lazy.

Finally, if the Sci Fi Channel is now SyFy will there newsstand magazine Sci Fi become SyFy too? I sure hope not. If that happens the magazine will look as silly as the channel. By the way, the news arm, Sci Fi Wire, used to be terrific. It sucks now. It has spiralled into nothing more than a gossip and opinion site. It's complete garbage and I miss the old site. I'm not jumping the gun either. I've given it some time to get used to the format and I am not wrong. It's complete shite!

Have a lovely day.


Unknown said...


I think I may have been the first to take the poll, and I ran through it thinking I should vote for only one, and the highest loved among them is Firefly for me. :)

The Sci Fi Wire is in my RSS reader as well, and while I do appreciate some info from there (I would never have known about District 9 if it wasn't for them, I think), mostly it really is crap. 90% of the articles are the kind of stuff that is written by people trying to justify their existance. I can live with a quarter of the articles if the ones that remain are relevant.

Cheers to the fight for that last B5 disc! :)

SFF said...

Well, thanks for taking the Poll H!

Oh, and I was NOT one of the three voters. Ha!

Firefly is the one I have in my sites and I'm looking forward to it. I will admit it will be a rewatch for me, but I'm cool with that and it is a short series. I would have preferred it to endure a fewe seasons. Oh well.

I also agree with you on Sci Fi Wire completely. I don't want to discount the fact you can get great information there. That is very true. There is just so much junk on there now you actually have to weed through it all.

Cheers and have a good day mate! Off on my B5 search.