Friday, April 28, 2017

The Ark

The Ark.
The Ark really shouldn't qualify as a spaceship in that it's actually a space station just as its name suggests, a life-sustaining ark, but it is an impressive creation and of impressive enough design in the series The 100 (2014-present) it's worth covering here.
Unfortunately, little actual coverage has been given to The 100 here at Musings Of A Sci-Fi Fanatic. Though a single post has been in the works.
Nevertheless, Season One and Season Two of The 100 come highly recommended. My enthusiasm for the series waned with the rather redundant and less focused Season Three.
For those interested in a little space in their science fiction though Season One featuring The Ark is the one to see. Additionally, events in that season propel The Ark in a fashion normally associated with spaceships.


El Vox said...

I was watching The 100 at least thru the first season, and I can't remember if I got into season 2, but somewhere along the way I had to drop out. Not that I found it boring, evidently something else took up that timeslot for my attention. I thought it fit in well with the YA audience with a penchants for SF. I liked the strong female character and her mom, and the back story.

SFF said...

Solid series. I do like it. I really enjoyed those first two seasons. I was a little bored with the redundancy and direction Season Three took. I haven't seen Season Four and I'm hesitant to go there after Season Three but will likely give it another go.