Saturday, April 8, 2017

Why Did Zan Get The Raw End Of The Stick When It Came To Activate Powers As A Wonder Twin? I Mean A Crummy Old Bucket Of Water.

It was rough being a young boy in the neighborhood of make believe with your friends if you were stuck playing Zan of The Wonder Twins (1977).

Ice, moisture, water. Okay, maybe an Ice Giant if you were lucky.

But Jayna, she had it all going on. There were no limitations to her imagination. Who handcuffed Zan with water powers while Jayna got to run around like Maya from Space:1999 (1976-1977)?

Jayna: "Wonder twins activate. Form of something completely awesome!"
Zan: "Wonder twins activate. Form of something entirely lame."

If you and your friends were pretending to be the Super Friends and you got stuck playing Zan well that just sucked.

Personally I always preferred Aquaman and his ability to summon the creatures of the sea. Yup, those were the days. I remember that.

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