Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Colony Season Three Renewal

This writer had to share his pure science fiction fan's jubilation since learning COLONY has been officially renewed for a third season by USA.

Any fan of science fiction should check into quite possibly one of the best alien invasion stories in the making. The first two seasons have been exceptional with the finale set for April 6.

Alien colonization series Defiance (2013-2015) let me down in its third season by cramming too much in and going way over the top and I was a huge fan of the first two seasons. This is the first I've voiced an opinion on the third season of Defiance, but it lost a lot of credibility in that year. Some of those Defiance highlights can be read here.

There is no sign of Colony wavering in its story trajectory despite the fact as viewers we have no idea where its going. It's unconventional approach to the material keeps us in suspense.

Falling Skies (2011-2015) began to wear dramatically for me. Outside of the reasonably steady first season it was never as dramatically compelling as Colony. Some of those first season Falling Skies highlights can be found here.

Finally, the V (2009-2011) remake was appalling on so many levels. Where does one begin? See here.

Colony, thanks to the scripting chores of creators Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal and company, hits right there in the sweet spot, moving beautifully in the wheelhouse of science fiction. It's all in the writing.

This is a great day for the block!

And for those looking to expand their science fiction horizons you'll be pleased to know, if you don't already, that the literature-sourced The Expanse will be joining Colony for its own Season Three renewal. Thank God for two small favors gifted to science fiction fans for 2018.


El Vox said...

Yeah, I got a little bored actually with the first season. It was just rolling out too slowly for my preference, and it wasn't adding much to the well-worn invasion story theme. However I did see the finale, and enjoyed that. I found it fairly suspenseful, so I may have to back track into Season 2.

For sure I'll be watching for Season 3, and I'm glad it got renewed.

SFF said...

My advice with Colony and I understand your point to a degree. Watching it week to week feels very slow as far as moving the needle.

Though I find a lot of the bits and pieces being offered to the alien invasion storyline are excellent and I am excited by the mystery surrounding the direction of the series.

I just feel COLONY is tailor made for binge watching. When I watched Season One as a binge watch it was amazing.

Season Two I watched week to week and it killed me. A friend binged both on my advice and he loves it. Week to week is a grind like a lot of shows sadly. Or at least a grind getting from episode to episode each week with a very particular pacing.

Having said all of that, over the moon that Colony was renewed along with The Expanse. BOTH deserve long runs.