Sunday, April 9, 2017

Naveen Andrews: On Sense8 Versus Lost

"At the risk of offending Damon [Lindelof, LOST's producer] or anyone of those fuckers, it has a lot more depth.
It's far more daring! We can get away with so much more on fucking Netflix than you ever could with Disney."
-Naveen Andrews, SciFi Now #107 (p.54) on the apparent excellence of Netflix and Sense8 and not so excellent LOST-

Tell us how you really feel Naveen.

Andrews' comments were no doubt honest and uncensored. Those remarks surprised and caught this writer off guard when reading them. Am I wrong to sense a little hostility toward the creators of LOST?

To be fair, in retrospect, LOST pushed the envelope and to do so on ABC was nothing short of remarkable really. The creators were given significant rope.

LOST was dramatically engaging and original even with its shortcomings and despite being contrasted with the likes of TV output today via NETFLIX or HBO, LOST set the stage and took plenty of risks.

It may not be as risqué or as compelling as some of the greatest television making the airwaves today but LOST without question had its moments of greatness. It remains head and shoulders better than most and arguably should be considered one of the television greats as an original and imaginative narrative despite its then broadcast limitations.

Andrews' remarks seem harsh and of course there is no real context for them for me.

By the way Naveen, I've seen Sense8 and I'll take my chances with LOST. Having said that those involved with both LOST (Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof) and Sense8 (The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski) hardly fall short of creative ambition or risk.

Wouldn't that be fair to say Naveen?


Anonymous said...

ROFL he's delusional, if that what he apparently said was true (or it was made up by an "interviewer"). None other show or a movie (be they past, present or future) cannot compare to phenomenon called LOST!!!

SFF said...

I can only say I found the comment when read to be a bit of a surprise
if in fact, as you noted, the interview cited the actor correctly.