Monday, May 1, 2017

Amanda Tapping: On Stargate SG-1

"The beauty of SG-1 was that it was a group of misfits.
The team was commanded by a military colonel who wasn't towing the party line all the time.
You also had the archeologist who didn't understand the military and was thrust into this incredible adventure.
Then there's Teal'c, the alien who didn't fit in, and finally Sam, the awkward female who's also a genius.
You put all of them together and have this misfit band.
It was the perfect combination in a lot of ways because they all felt the same about not fitting in, as well as respected one another, and the beauty of their relationship came out as it matured."
-Amanda Tapping, Stargate: The Official Magazine, Jan 2010, p.40-1-

And Tapping almost reaches the most important point in her keen observations regarding the character dynamic of SG-1, and that is together this group of misfits forged a family.

Together they were representative of the modern family dynamic. Most of all, as the series matured and progressed, we identified with that element to the chemistry of these four ingeniously cast characters.

SG-1 was part military operation, part Fantastic Four-like super group, not with power but in their unique and strong personalities while working as a team, and most of all, like the Fantastic Four, they were like family. Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Girl, Johnny Storm and Benjamin Grimm. Here a group of outcasts came together as a unit called SG-1 in the form of Jack O'Neil, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c.


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