Sunday, May 14, 2017

LOST S1 E15: Homecoming

"Who are you people?"

Claire returns to her home of sorts, home away from home that is, in LOST, Season One, Episode 15, Homecoming. She's out of sorts too unable to remember what happened or the people she crashed upon the island with. Homecoming would present the second full and proper back story for Charlie Pace.

Highlight: The assembling of an armed group to handle Ethan and Ethan's final comeuppance is wildly entertaining. The sequence is thrilling, violent and once again expertly staged in the rain and ultimately ends in a way one doesn't expect.

To add further, the moment of action in the final minutes of Homecoming speaks directly to a character's inability to control aspects of his/her life. The moment demonstrates a deep desire to command control. Control is indeed an issue or operating theme in LOST. When you consider that same theme that surrounds Michael's life as a father or Walt's talents as noted in Special here. You can consider Jack Shephard's own desires and frustrations in controlling the events of his life. Even Sawyer seems to live on the wild side unable to control past events that have impacted and inform his life and who he is.

Interesting too how Other Ethan (the only Other to date) seems to rain violence on the survivors whenever it's raining on the island.

Homecoming is also blessed with a fine performance from Dominic Monaghan as expected. Though he was involved romantically in real life with Evangeline Lilly for much of the show's filming, there is a particularly genuine and credible chemistry between his character Charlie and that of Claire Littleton, played wonderfully by Emilie de Ravin. The closing moments of Homecoming are especially tender and warm. They are even welcomed after an episode that seemingly builds in intensity to its climactic confrontation with Ethan.

The final moments are also quite revealing as Claire informs Charlie she wants to trust him. He's done everything in his power to protect her and take care of her. Even as Claire attempts to reclaim her memory and trust in Charlie, Charlie wavers. Given the opportunity to assure Claire she can trust him former addict Charlie instead remains silent as if to suggest he isn't certain he can be trusted or he even yet trusts himself.

I've noted time and again in covering this first season of LOST that the writing simply seems to shine moving from strength to strength.

Along with Carlton Cuse writer Damon Lindelof has a lot to do with the overall quality of this series. The combination of Cuse and Lindelof is nothing short of a powerhouse combination in the scripting department. All of this talent and an immense cast at their disposal it's a pleasure to see them not blow this opportunity.

Those who visit Musings Of A Sci-Fi Fanatic understand my affection for the work of Carlton Cuse on series like The Strain (2014-) and Colony (2016-).

Please let it not go unnoticed that Lindelof's writing and creation of HBO series The Leftovers is nothing short of apocalyptic revelation and excellence as well. What a series. It's easy to glimpse why The Leftovers would be such a fascinating series based upon the equally compelling work Lindelof penned for LOST for six seasons. We were very fortunate sci-fi fanatics.

Homecoming may run into some clich├ęs regarding the Charlie drug abuse issues first handled extensively in The Moth (Episode 7 here). Still, it's all inherent to the Charlie character and the entry never fails to entertain thanks again to the environment, the performances and the weave of back story and island drama.

Flashback: Charlie.

Writer: Damon Lindelof (The Leftovers).
Director: Kevin Hooks (LOST's White Rabbit).

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