Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Daiku Maryu

The Daiku Maryu.
The behemoth that is the Daiku Maryu is seemingly part robot and part spaceship. Technically it's a robot with all of the components necessary to create famous robot Gaiking in the TV series Gaiking (1976-1977) by Toei Animation. (Don't fret we'll cover a real spaceship soon). It also houses three different space vehicles (Nesser, Skylar, Bazolar) similar in fashion to the vehicles housed in Science Ninja Team Gatchaman's The Phoenix (1972-1974).
Nevertheless, the dragon-shaped Daiku Maryu does its fair share of flying much like a spaceship. Like the aforementioned Phoenix, Daikyu Maryu can enter space or go underwater. It's an extremely versatile piece of machinery.
This is the first spaceship/robot covered here that I can officially say I own. The die cast metal version of the ship is a glorious little thing to behold. Yes it's positively a beast!

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