Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Before And After: Defiance: Grant Bowler

Grant Bowler.
I've always wanted to assemble a fun little post series called Before And After.
It's a concept I've longed to put into play in what seems like forever, but have yet to do it. Finally, this is a first.

I had originally wanted to do posts for the main cast members of a particular series, but the posts just became too long, unruly and too daunting a task and I eventually shelved the idea. Farscape was going to be the first. It never happened and I actually deleted the post after a lot of work. I likely should have rethought the approach.

Downsizing the idea over the weekend, I decided focusing on one actor in a given series was ultimately the way to go for me. Thus, upon the birthday weekend of Grant Bowler (mere coincidence), he became the first target for the Before And After concept.

So this will be the first in an series of posts, when the spirit moves me, featuring a given science fiction actor or actress that highlights a fascinating trajectory to the role for which they are best known, and maybe sometimes beyond it. I thought it might be an interesting way to present a glimpse into a variety of science fiction series and their respective principals. These posts are intended to be short and fun rather than those of the long and analytical variety. Variety is the spice of life as they say.

Given this is a Musings Of A Sci-Fi Fanatic I present only those appearances that interest me with a sci-fi inclination of course.

This is Before And After: Defiance: Grant Bowler.

Grant Bowler was born in New Zealand in 1968.

Before settling into his role as the law keeper of Defiance on the sci-fi series Defiance (2013-present), Bowler made some interesting appearances across the pop culture landscape.

Bowler appeared in HBO's True Blood (2010) as werewolf Cooter for seven episodes.

He starred in Ugly Betty (2008-2010) as Connor Owens for seventeen episodes.

He landed a role in TV sensation Lost (2008) as Captain Gault for three episodes.

And the capper for me was the fact Bowler landed a role in Farscape (1999) as Shaman Liko for Season One, Episode 8, That Old Black Magic---a great episode. Sadly, despite a massive Farscape autograph card collection Grant Bowler never did do an auto card for his appearance in that series. Oh shoot!

The thing that always surprises me is how unnoticed these inevitable stars are along the way. They arrive on our screens in big shows and in interesting performances, but as supporting actors we hardly notice or remember them. That's always amusing to me.

I've provided images and clips where possible.

Defiance (2013-present).

This is a clip from Defiance, Season One, Episode 2, Down In The Ground Where The Dead Men Go.

True Blood (2010).

Ugly Betty (2008-2010).

Lost (2008).

These are clips from Lost, Season Four, Episode 11, Cabin Fever.

Farscape (1999).
There are many images here. I love Farscape and I just can't get over the red paint on Bowler.

These are clips from Farscape, Season One, Episode 8, That Old Black Magic.

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