Friday, July 31, 2015

James Rundle: On Stargate Universe

"Stargate Universe is a unique taste: that much can't be denied.
It's such a radical departure from the previous format of the franchise that, I suspect, Brad Wright is slightly off the mark when he suggests that previous fans have been punishing Universe.
It just isn't for everyone.
For myself, it's the best thing on TV at the moment.
I love its moodiness, its camera work, the stellar quality of its actors and the measured pace.
Yes, it can seem anemic in comparison to the high-octane, gun-running action of SG-1 or Atlantis, but it's managed to create a hell of a lot more definition in its characters, through one season, than those series managed in three times as long."
-James Rundle, SciFiNow #48, p.11-

These are clearly the observations of someone who has actually immersed themselves in the show.

I've become something of an admirer of James Rundle's opinion pieces in SciFiNow. He's the most consistently on target with his sci-fi observations and even has a strong handle on the strengths and weaknesses of a franchise. As much as I enjoyed the previous two incarnations of the franchise Stargate Universe has quickly shaped into the best of the bunch. For me, too, its aesthetic and approach leaves the others in Destiny's dust.

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