Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Boy Wonder: On Alien Sex In Science Fiction

"Dad! Stop watching the alien porn and let's go."
-The Boy Wonder (catching himself after a pause and in need of a ride)-

Ever so succinctly put by a non-fan innocently and ignorantly walking into a room filled with science fiction wonder and, okay, alien... something or other happening. The Boy Wonder, after a brief, oh so mesmerized pause (to view the on screen TV action of Defiance, Season Two, Episode 7, If You Could See Her Through My Eyes), hilariously ripped both me and my latest favorite science fiction offering, Defiance, to request a ride to a friend's house and doing so in one fell swoop, as the kids say, "wrecked" me. Anyway, the boy does have a point.

As I watched character Datak Tarr mount a fellow female Castithan doggy-style, he made this rather humorously caustic, succinct point and left me floored with laughter. I do love when the young cut through all of the politically correct garbage to get straight to the point. Adults have great difficulty with such a concept, often skirting the truth or the obvious, after a time.

Yes, there is a good amount of alien seduction and fluid-swapping on Defiance. It's certainly a throwback to the overtly sexual themes of Farscape if not entirely over the top. But Defiance is wide open to other more cerebral possibilities. Each episode is solid and often builds tension to either tease a story or reach a pivotal sometimes even explosive climax.

That's really quite enough I know.

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