Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Star Blazers: The Quest For Iscandar S1 Part I: Images

The episodes created for Star Blazers were approximately 20,000 dollars each and production often exceeded that cost.
Producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki was forced to shorten the intended 39 episode run to just 26 episodes. This fact may offer some explanation as to why The Quest For Iscandar lasted twenty-five episodes and the return home just one episode.
When production was cut short and the creative team received word on the budget cuts they were literally finishing episode 20.

Also of interest to anime fans, Space Pirate Captain Harlock was intended to appear in the 39 episode run. Yes, Captain Harlock was actually part of the Star Blazers universe.
Enjoy these additional images not included in our original coverage for Star Blazers: The Quest For Iscandar, Series 1, Part I here taken from the first five episodes. Be sure to note the sheer emotion related to given characters in the images. It was indeed a hallmark of the series.

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