Monday, June 8, 2015

This Is (Not) A Real Problem

She doesn't look like a problem, but looks can be very deceiving you know.

We interrupt our irregularly scheduled program to bring you this new addition.

I'm joking of course. She is not really a problem. This little girl is a treasure - a real gem to have around, but she's also a load of work at the moment because she's a puppy. Her name is Edna. She was named after my late grandmother who I wrote about here.

The irony in some respects is that my inspiration to write was genuinely lost for a time following the passing of my grandmother. I couldn't put finger to keypad. I just had real difficulty for a time as a result of losing her.

This time my mother acquired two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pups. She was only allowed to keep one after the fact. She asked if I would take the other. Honestly, could you say no to that face?

I already had a Scottish Terrier. And getting the older Scotty to accept the newbie has been a challenge. It is getting better. But, having that puppy is like having a new child. The older child meanwhile was rather difficult. I kept reminding myself to be patient. It is working.

Lately I've been slowed tremendously as a result, but this time not for lack of inspiration or lack of trying. I want to write. I'm dying to do it. I'm excited about doing so, but this little Edna is giving me a run for my money. However folks I am working on it, but I am running into a few roadblocks here and there. Still, I will prevail.

In the meantime, she is deliciously cute though. Heck, I'm probably trying to round her up or clean up pee as we speak.

The moral of this story: Bring your life to a screeching halt with a new puppy. Okay not really but it feels like that.


El Vox said...

Cute pup. My family used to have a cocker spaniel when I was younger, they are loveable dogs. It always reminded me of the Disney cartoon, Lady and the Tramp. I later had a Chow mix. They are pretty cool too.

Sci-Fi Fanatic said...

Spaniels are the best. I had a Cocker Spaniel, two a few years back. Nice dogs.