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B5 S5 Ep7: Secrets Of The Soul

The entry begins with one of the most impressive make-up/animatronic pieces thus far in the series with a full working Pak'ma'ra face. In fact, it could be the only one in the series to date.

Dr. Franklin is cataloguing all infection-based issues entering onto the station. I’m a little surprised it has taken this long to be concerned about this issue quite frankly Franklin. The Exorcist-like green, projectile vomiting is also a great moment in the opening frames. Regan [actress Linda Blair] would be proud.

'I really do need a change of occupation.' - Franklin-
More telepaths arrive on the station and it’s all hugs and kisses within the cult of elitists. I completely agree with Zack that this little psycho sect is going to be a big problem down the road. It’s a circus of freaks of a sort, by the simple fact they refuse to assimilate. Welcome to Babylon 5, Season Five, Episode 7, Secrets Of The Soul.

Zack engages Lyta and asks why she is with “those people.” I know what he means. He is upset she is caught up in what behaves like a cult. Prior to their arrival Lyta stood on her own. Actually, poor Lyta was VERY much on her own prior to their arrival often used and abused. It's easy to see how she might fall prey to such a group. I suppose the argument can be made for extremism of any kind. She never fit in and even when she tried it was difficult for her. She clearly feels as though she belongs to something greater than herself now. It’s easy to see both sides through her story.

There is definitely a hint of the old green-eyed monster in there for Zack as well. He was forging a bond with Lyta before her teeps arrived. He thought a little cheese and some pepperoni slices and he might be adding a little sausage to their next pizza date. Oh!

Elsewhere, regular folk who are looking for a confrontation confront the telepaths. Byron tells the fellow to strike him and the man proceeds to whack Byron three times. Byron begins dumping his heady, philosophical, mumbo jumbo on the man and points to the reality that the man's anger has little to do with Byron. The teeps are allowed to pass.

Dr. Franklin meets with fanny-headed aliens regarding confidentiality of their medical information and assures them he is willing to die to protect their data. They are concerned he will find out something secret about their species. Maybe they are buttheads. Man, I am in a rare mood today. Babylon 5 is populated with buttheads and boneheads just like Earth.

Lyta visits with Byron who is resting. Lyta is displeased with his act of satyagraha or non-violence. Byron believes violence is the way of the mundanes and he abhors it. Psi Corps has adopted the methods he implores. Violence is applied out of fear. A big wet kiss ensues. Lyta is finding love. Byron asks why Lyta leaves each evening. She feels she just doesn’t belong quite yet. I think in her heart she feels she does belong despite her words. She would very much like to stay. She would also like Byron to be her main wiener man. He asks the cult if she belongs and they all gather around her with their weird pawing and stroking. Their show of affection and ability to sing a good song like I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing wins her over.

Meanwhile, Dr. Franklin is given incomplete, recorded data by the Hyac race. Franklin wonders what it is they are hiding.

A stuttering, newbie teep, Peter, who arrived earlier is confronted by the same gang that confronted Byron for the beatfest and he too is beaten badly. He is brought to medlab to be saved. The telepaths torture a man, but Byron intervenes and stops them, willing them to “let it go.” Byron is arrested by Zack and security.

Dr. Franklin continues to dig up information and like anyone who goes digging he will surely find something. Franklin learns something about the Hyacto and is hijacked by one of the Hyac at gunpoint to his head. Well it turns out the Hyac killed off the Hyacto. Genocide! The Hyac have paid the price. What price? Their population is shrinking. They are dying. Apparently they needed the Hyacto. Without the Hyacto they will die, but they learned that fact too late. In killing the Hyacto they have inadvertently given their race a slow death sentence. Franklin says he can try to help them. The elders of the Hyac prefer to keep their shame hidden. The race considers the possibility of revealing that shame in order to survive. How could they not know the Hyacto were needed for reproduction?
An image of the Hyacto.
Byron asks to speak with his people before people die, but he remains imprisoned with little way of communicating. Hmmm, here's an idea, how about telepathy? Just a thought. It normally works for you, unless a line of sight is needed. Byron warns Zack keeping him locked up will lead to people dying. Zack releases Byron. Nice. Still, I know in his own loopy, Fabio-headed, weird way Byron means well. There seems to be some question regarding how to control these unbridled telepathic powers.
Yes, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! Lyta in action!
Byron is dovish and Lyta is hawkish. The two embrace and love grows between them. They both have really, pretty, long hair. WHOA! Lyta just de-robed! BABY! Lyta fears she may burn Byron if they break through one another's barriers. Come on, break on through to the other side Lyta. Byron replies, "then let it burn." Ouch! Burn baby burn, disco inferno. Actually, I think that's called Herpes. Anyway, the sex is hot and apparently others within the cult can watch through veils that line the room. It's one of THOSE cults. What is up with all these voyeurs, Minbari and telepaths, who love to watch? Is there no privacy for sex in the future? We are treated to flashbacks and some unique new shots of Lyta's transformation and modifications at the hands of the Vorlons. Her eyes turn dark black and we see Lyta in a tank of fluid next to a rubber, alien, doll baby in a tank of fluid next to many other rubber, alien, doll babies. All of the teeps are looking on at her teets and the love-making and the images within her mind. This truly is funky stuff. We are treated to extensive images of severe Vorlon experimentation. All the information regarding Vorlon genetic experimentation and the creation of telepaths is now on the table. Aliens from across the galaxies were utilized for the Vorlons against the Shadows as we know this just paints the picture a little further. Byron knows their lives have been altered thanks to the knowledge offered by Lyta. Byron is all worked up and can't get over it. He wants to settle a score with the Vorlons. Byron plans on using the information to land the telepaths a planet of their very own. Lyta asks him what he'll do if the alliance cannot help. For a guy who is all about control he indicates they will make sure they have no other choice but to comply with their wishes. Okay. I'm thinking a telepath bailout is in order here or it will be certain disaster.

Secrets Of The Soul: C

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