Friday, June 26, 2009

Charlie's Angels Were Detectives, But Seriously Who Really Cares!

I never followed Charlie's Angels all that carefully. I remember trying to watch whenever I could simply because the boys in my neighborhood liked the babes. Did you know they were detectives? Of course, but we really didn't care. We liked to see them in action. They were hot!

Farah Fawcett passed away on Thursday and since Michael Jackson died later that day no one cares about Farah anymore. I suspect coverage on her and her life would have been more closely covered had the passing of bizarro Jackson not happened. The media seized upon it as only the media can in all its shallow, disgusting splendor. Farah was simply tossed aside like yesterday's news and it hadn't even been half a day. I suspect those close to Fawcett may be thankful for that singular callous act of media inattention for once.

To be honest I wasn't a huge Farah fan on Charlie's Angels. The guys always picked their favorite babes as if they had any chance at all with them. Still, ownership of your pin-up girl was part of the coming-of-age process and a rite of passage. I was always a brunette guy and for some reason had a thing for the raspy Kate Jackson. Jaclyn Smith was my next favorite. I always appreciated Farah more as I got older. She was a pretty lady. She was a natural beauty [as far as I know; not like Jackson]. Anyway, sad to see her go. You know how I feel about seeing these people in our lives sort of disappear from the radar forver [Jackson included]. It makes us that much older and all the more mortal.

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