Sunday, June 28, 2009

Final Fantasy Meets Michael Jackson's Thriller

If you haven't heard Michael Jackson passed away Thursday, June 25th shortly after the passing of Farah Fawcett. Yes, it's true. I'm kidding of course about that part of not knowing. The whole thing has been on par with the passing of Princess Diana.

I am beginning to think we may be in a cycle of Michael Jackson music videos and documentaries 24/7 for the next week at least. I can't seem to find a channel that isn't covering the life of Michael Jackson. I liked Michael Jackson's music. I won't lie. I would have to register Off The Wall and Thriller as classics. I don't care for much else, but if my kids weren't sure of who Michael Jackson was they know now. He is on every station and they are getting a steady diet of all of his creativity as well as some rather unflattering portraits of the man and his fall from grace. To quote Spock, in a word, "fascinating."
Anyway, his is another life cut short. His musical influence was clearly felt by many. The Amazon Bestsellers list is comprised of wall to wall Michael Jackson merchandise. Strange, the impact a death can have on so many. Where were all these fans of his music before he died?
In the spirit of it all, I recalled seeing an Easter Egg from the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within [2001] DVD. So, I took it upon myself to dig it up for you. The film itself is solid science fiction, albeit not perfect, but I thought you'd get a kick out of this Michael Jackson tribute via Square Soft's take on the classic Thriller.

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