Thursday, December 10, 2020

HD DVD vs Blu-Ray

The battle was epic, but ephemeral, like so many things in this life. And damn it, once again, I picked the losing horse. Ah, those first world problems. Nevertheless, I do remember the war. R.I.P. HD DVD (2006-2008). There was just something not very forward thinking about that name apparently. Oh well, all hail Blu-Ray...for now. It's been a good run.

*image from SCIFINOW #6, p.32


Beach Bum said...

My uncle's late father-in-law went fully behind the betamax format when VCR's were the cutting edge of technology. The old man about lost his mind when VHS won that war. He refused to buy another VCR and spent years hoarding betamax tapes.

Personally, my wife bought a blu-ray player when the cheapest units were still about $200. About a month later the prices fell to around $50.

SFF said...

Ah, the wounds of the technological war. Incredible. Great stories. My mother gave my brother a cassette player. I was given an 8-track player. Mine was to the curb literally months later. My brother had a bit more fun with his. Where are they now? Good times.