Monday, July 23, 2018

Colony Cancelled

After just three seasons, Colony (2016-present) goes the way of Defiance (2013-2015) and is cancelled by USA (July 21 2018) with clearly much more story to tell. What a disappointment.
When The Expanse (2015-present) was terminated by SyFy after three seasons it was saved by Amazon.

Could Colony get a second lease on life? Time will tell. It's a great little series. This writer would have enjoyed a bit more revelation with regard to the aliens and the alien technology and where it was all heading, but it was a slow burn in that area favoring the human turmoil and I happily remained on board.

Such a shame to learn of the news of its cancellation, because with one Colony episode remaining as of this writing there is no chance any of it will be resolved properly.

Boy sometimes it just doesn't pay to be a science fiction fan. Judging by its ratings where were you people? 

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