Sunday, January 18, 2015

Packers And Patriots

Those are the picks for today. Packers over Seahawks 31-28. Patriots over Colts 31-21. I rarely pick correctly but it's fun. What do you like out there today folks?


El Vox said...

Well, I'm out. :) Once the Cowboys lost last week, I cashed in my chips--though it was a very good game.

SFF said...

That was a good game. That call that took the ball away from Dallas was a tough one. I felt the pain.

So I got the exact score right for Seattle's final. Wrong team. But at 22-22 that game was going either way. Still Seattle played awful and still pulled it out. Amazing. I was stunned. I saw Rogers wince when he didn't get the coin toss in OT. Ouch.