Friday, May 6, 2011

Images Of Millennium [Season One]

Lance Henriksen IS Frank Black.

It's been a one heck of a month preparing for this all out Lance Henriksen talent assault hosted by writer extraordinaire John Kenneth Muir. His work was thorough and exhaustive by the way- job well done. Throughout the month several ideas emerged as a result of a single idea. I began to realize all of my ideas needed to be refocused thematically and ultimately splintered my thoughts into three separate posts with their own themes.

The spirit of Images Of Millennium [Season One] was born from my previous meme-related post Science Fiction Images In Techni-Color. As anyone knows, there are plenty of powerful moments captured in through a single image throughout Season One. My first post, Lance Henriksen: Profile And Measures Of The Millennium Man, is filled with images from Season One, but the focus was on the face of Lance Henriksen.

This post, a complement to the aforementioned essay, focuses on a number of potent symbols and moments that truly captured my visual eye and love for what is a newly discovered love for Millennium. These are images that surround the world of the tremendous character that is Frank Black created by Chris Carter and brought to life by Henriksen. There are plenty of places on the net to find images of Millennium, but I chose to select the images that spoke to me personally. Enjoy the end of days.



Dead Letters

The Judge


Kingdom Come

Blood Relatives

The Well-Worn Lock

Wide Open


The Wild And The Innocent

Loin Like A Hunting Flame

Force Majeure

The Thin White Line





Powers, Principalities, Thrones And Dominions

Broken World


Paper Dove.

Recurring Images

When it was all said and done with the Lance Henriksen blogathon over at John Kenneth Muir's Reflections On TV/Film, I realize how intimately I knew the material found in Millennium Season One. The episodes resonate powerfully in my mind visually. Each entry speaks to the quality of this series and the talents that elevated yet another Chris Carter production to classic status next to such unforgettable episode classics that populate the works of series like The X-Files or Star Trek: The Original Series. Think of Lamentation and immediately you'll recall Lucy Butler. Think of The Thin White Line and it will instantly conjure potent images from the production of a younger Frank Black with the FBI and the stunning work of Jeremy Roberts as Richard Hance. Gehenna quickly recalls images involving the wonderful Robin Gammell and so on. They all get under your skin for specific reasons, powerful visual reasons and Lance Henriksen was a big part of why that series lasted three full major seasons.

The entries in Red reflect my favorite episodes of the season.


John Kenneth Muir said...


Your eye and Millennium's amazing imagery are a match made in Heaven, so far as I'm concerned. This is a gorgeous post; showing the brilliance of both!

Thank you so much for all your hard work and great contributions to the Lance Henriksen blogathon. This gallery today is a wonderful valedictory note at the last day.

All my best,

SFF said...

As always, my sincere thanks John.

I hope these contributions will continue to serve as a nice reference point for Lance Henriksen and his work on Millennium Season One.

I love seeing a few of those guests in the images too.

Brad Dourif. Michael [Battlestar Galactica] Hogan. Robin Gammell as Atkins. Some great performances for Henriksen to play against throughout the series not to mention regulars like the always amazing Terry O'Quinn, Sarah-Jane Redmond and Meghan Gallagher. Astonishing work really.

Oh, and that wonderful green jacket worn by Frank Black. A Classic!

Best to you my friend

le0pard13 said...

I agree with JKM. You've got a great eye for detail and capturing the moment via the screencaps in your piece, SFF. It's a pretty stunning visual post. Way to go! Thanks.

SFF said...

Cheers brother Leopard! Thank you!

Terri Wilson said...

Wow, most of these images take me *right back* to the episodes. Of course, it helps that I've watched the Season One eps countless times. :-P You made some great picks! Thanks again for devoting so much time to really detailing the first season. Great job!

And is it me, or is there a recurring theme with the Evil At The Top Of The Stairs? LOL! I didn't notice it until now. Despite the fact that I used one of those instances in last year's poster contest -

SFF said...

That means alot coming from you Terri who clearly knows that Season One inside out.

I really immersed myself in that season so thank you very much. Such a powerful first season when you really consider how many shows have such trouble out of the gate.

This was clearly never the case for Millennium. It hit its stride relatively quick all things considered.

And yes, I think you may be right about that evil at the top of the stairs. Great observation, but there is definitely this view of hell looming above or below.

That is a truly dark image that does crop up. Thanks again for stopping by and your kind words Terri. I'll be checking your link!

Best, sff