Saturday, June 19, 2010

Falling In Love With Farscape

I'm sorry to say that I haven't had much time or inspiration to write of late. I must be going through one of those phases we all suffer.

I've spent a bit of time checking out a number of television series I missed along the way. I am here to tell you that I have discovered Farscape for the first time and have fallen madly in love. Each new episode is like a shot of adrenalin to the arm. I simply can't turn my attention away long enough to write.

So there you have it. This is the reason I have been so unproductive. Coffee. Vodka Tonic. Beer. Whatever cold or hot beverage satisfies my need accompanies my daily exploration of this amazing series. I sit in awe of Brian Henson and company and the advenure they have created. I am blown away.

... pass me another piece of blueberry pie. [I made it for Farscape.]


Anonymous said...

I've never been able to get into Farscape. I always felt I was watching Galasy Quest for 80 hours in a row.

Plus, in season 1 in particular I felt that the show kept recycling ST:TOS scenes over and over.

I gave up on the show in the middle of season 3.

But I know it has a lot of fans. Well, to each their own.


SFF said...

I remember you were not able to get into it.

I absolutely love it. I love that it completely deconstructs the genre with humor. It's vibrant, colorful, character-driven [like Babylon 5] and is abundant with sci-fi genre and pop culture references.

I'm only finishing Season One, but it was a winner for me.

I don't disagree that it borrows ideas from all over the science fiction and horror genres, but it definitely adds its own twist into its own mythology and universe. I love it.

I love the Moya/ Talyn thread/ Scorpius/ Chiana/ the love story elements... it's pretty much got it all.

Anonymous said...

Well, why don't you write episode-by-episode reviews, as you did with B5? I'm perfectly willing to give it a 2nd try :)


SFF said...

M. I'm right there with you.

I think I may try my hand at that soon. I would love to get input from you along the way. It would be interesting to see how we both saw certain aspects of the series.

I'm definitely digesting it a bit right now. I want to look at the series a little differently than I did with Babylon 5. I want to enjoy watching it this time, than dissect it after it settles in. With Babylon 5, I will probably watch it straight through someday for pure enjoyment since I was attempting to analyze the series after just one viewing.

Cheers and I like the way you think. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to give it another try along with your reviews. There are so many Farscape fans, there must be something to the show.

I'll stay tuned :)

BTW, you haven't reviewed nBSG, have you?

SFF said...

I really enjoyed nBSG and someday I could see giving it a go, but I was really disappointed with its final season and felt the writing dropped off considerably.

I did enjoy the special effects and the action and some of the character-driven moments. There were some standout episodes along the way. In the end, many elements didn't add up or make sense even for some of the characters.

I felt the same way about Lost after Season Three.

But someday maybe. Farscape would definitely come first for me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the nBSG ending could have been better. But it wasn't as bad as some claimed. Overall, it was still an amazing show.

Have you seen the UN/BSG panel?

In other things: You should watch Raumpatrouille Orion. Given your taste for the classics, you should enjoy it. The english subtitles must be somewhere out there :)


SFF said...

M- I'll take a look for that one.

I agree with you that I'll need to fully sit through nBSG again to reassess the final two season.

The first two blew me away. Thanks.

Siskoid said...

I'm doing the same (except verrrrrrry slowwwwwwly), giving various genre shows one or two episodes to grab be. Farscape will be on that list, and will probably be a winner.

I'm also giving a shot to newer stuff like Eureka, Sanctuary and Being Human, along with Lexx and Stargate

SFF said...

I understand Siskoid. Attempting to absorb shows like this really distracts us from other things.

I like Sanctuary okay. Eureka never grabbed me. I may not have given it a fair shake, but it's a bit slow for me.

Farscape, as I mentioned, I love and is well worth my time. It definitely suits my personal taste. I think it will be up your alley.

Anonymous said...

So. Because of you I got the entire Farscape series (minus Peacekeeper Wars) on ebay for 60 EUR (currently 74 USD).

(The 4th season basically isn't available separately in Europe. So all I have to accomplish now is sell the season 1 to 3 boxes I already owned).

So don't let me down, I'm looking forward to your entries!


SFF said...

Okay M. Believe me, it is on my radar. I want nothing more then to cover this wonderful series.

I am planning the attack. I simply have to get my mojo back and get rolling.

I just finished an episode called Bone To Be Wild and it was nothing short of sci fi escapism. I absolutely loved it. I saw someone give it 2 out of 4 stars and it was definitely more like a 3or 3.5. So yeah, I want to write about it my friend.

Thanks for the conversation.

Remember if you can't sell those box sets, think of someone who might give it a chance and use it as your loaner to them. That might be fun too.

Unknown said...

I have to admit that I've never been able to get into this show. I suppose I should really give it a try the next time the SciFi Channel runs a marathon of it. I guess I've always been picky about the shows I get hooked on, esp. when they are in first run as I always seem to pick ones (esp. genre shows like INVASION, SURFACE, et al) that get canceled way too soon!

I also wanted to add that I just bestowed the Versatile Blogger Award for all the great work you do on your blog:

SFF said...

J.D.- I am humbled and I thank you for your kindness and thoughtful gesture. My sincere thanks. Your writing continues to inspire as well.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell you, the DVD have arrived today :)


SFF said...


I am acting towards that end and you are part of my inspiration. Thank you.

Looks like we'll be watching it together then.

le0pard13 said...

I've heard about this show so much, but have only caught only a show or two. It has a very loyal following (like those of us Firefly enthusiasts). I need to check out more of episodes of this series. Thanks for this, SFF.