Saturday, March 15, 2008

Deep Thoughts By Mike Garibaldi

I thought this sequence from Babylon 5 was downright hysterical. I mean, I think of things like this all the time, like when I get out of the shower. Pull the curtain but don't step out of the shower until I dry and pat down the same way everytime. It's damn near robotic. My routine is just second nature. Every now and again, due to some complete mind fart, I can't recall the order. I start to think, do I begin with my arm, my leg, the little guy? I'm all out of sorts. I wonder how other people dry off after a shower and if they have a completely different way of doing things. Now, I don't discuss this type of thing with most people.

So it's nice to see I'm not a lunatic. Okay, maybe I am, but at least I now know there are at least two of us. This is exactly the type of thing that works for me on Babylon 5. I completely get this guy!

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